Karla Lottini Wins Fight to Stay!

Posted by admin on Apr 8th, 2012


We are thrilled to share the news that award-winning Mexican journalist and whistleblower Karla Berenice García Ramírez, who writes under the penname Karla Lottini, has won her and her family’s fight to remain in Canada!

Karla and her family received a positive decision on their Humanitarian and Compassionate application shortly after a public campaign developed to support the family. Over fifty support letters were filed in the past two months from dozens of local and international organizations as well as information about how news stories covering her case locally were being picked up by the Mexican media, and hence increasing her risk if deported.

Thank you to all our allies who wrote letters, shared the story of Karla and her family, and supported Karla alongside us. We are inspired by the courage of Karla and her family, who reached out and spoke out despite intense fear. Despite a system that silences refugees, we know that when we build our collective power we can win. No One Is Illegal, Status for all People!


We finally won! I say “we won” because it is you and us, because we got justice thanks to your support. Just our voice was not enough. Because this was not only our fight, and we had the miracle of love from people who never left us alone, who were always there to comfort us, giving us ideas, making us strong, feeding us with faith in the face of a devastating struggle.

We are now here with the chance to preserve our integrity and safety, thanks to the support of many people: at least twenty local and international human rights, immigrant rights, and journalist organizations; dozens of media outlets that reported on our story and helped us become visible; and all our friends, community and fellow refugees who wrote letters to the Minister of Immigration. Special thanks to No One Is Illegal, Latino Soy, Codeses, and Vancouver South Cultural Project because they have supported us and treated us as humans. They are now our friends and we walk together in favour of justice.

We will continue fighting for immigrants and refugee rights. Why? Because we are aware of what could have happened to us if we were deported, and we know so many more asylum-seekers, especially Mexicans, are being rejected and deported. And now with Bill C-31, the situation will only get even worse. We had a cheerful ending because of the support and from speaking out, and now we will be working to help others do the same.

Thanks always, never enough. Ámbar, Nicté, César, and Karla.


Karla is an award-winning journalist, who became a whistle-blower against the National Council for Culture and Arts where she uncovered severe corruption within the government ministry. Her and her husband fled to Canada in 2008 after her and her family members were subjected to verbal and physical intimidation including repeated death threats. She has two Canadian-born daughters and while in Canada, Karla launched her book The Talent of Charlatans at SFU and UBC.

Video of Karla’s statement to the media (Jan 2012) and media roundup:

Support statements for Karla:

English and Spanish background on Karla’s case:

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