About Us

No One is Illegal-Vancouver Coast Salish Territories is a grassroots anti-colonial migrant justice group with leadership from members of migrant and/or racialized backgrounds. We strive and struggle for the right to remain, the freedom to move, and the right to return. As a movement for self-determination that challenges the ideology of immigration controls, we combat racial profiling, detention and deportation, the national security apparatus, law enforcement brutality, and exploitative working conditions of migrants.

We also place ourselves within the broader movement for social, economic, political, and environmental justice and oppose capitalism, colonialism, homophobia, imperialism, militarization, patriarchy, poverty, racism and other forms of domination. We envision a humanity where everyone has the right to sustenance and the ability to provide it, where we are free of oppression, and are able to live meaningfully in relationship to one another and in reverence for Mother Earth that sustains us.

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No One Is Illegal-Vancouver Coast Salish Territories has developed a set of specific demands to address Border Militarization, Migrant Worker Programs, Undocumented People & Status for All, Conditions for Immigrant Workers, National Security Apparatus & Anti-Terror Legislation, and more.

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No One Is Illegal-Vancouver Coast Salish Territories shares a basis of unity on critical issues such as the Occupation of Palestine, Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice, Indigenous Sovereignty,  the institutions of the G8, the War on Terror, and more.

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Email: noii-van@resist.ca
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Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/NoOneIsIllegalNetwork
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