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Posted by admin on Aug 16th, 2007

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Canada Locking Up Yemeni Doctor for more than Six Months Seeking to Deport Him to Mexico

Posted by admin on Jun 18th, 2020

June 15, 2020

(Surrey) – No One Is Illegal – Coast Salish Territories is calling on the CBSA to immediately release Dr. Mohammed Al-Humaikani from detention and halt his deportation. Dr. Al-Humaikani has been indefinitely imprisoned in Fraser Regional Correctional Centre and the Surrey Immigration Holding Centre since he arrived in Canada on November 21, 2019. Dr Al-Humaikani fled Yemen in 2016 travelling through Turkey, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and the USA. The five-year-long war in Yemen has left 100,000 dead, with more than 20 million people in Yemen needing humanitarian assistance.

“I am looking for anywhere where I can live safely with my wife and son,” Dr Al-Humaikani says. “I’ve faced so much discrimination and violence as an Arab who can’t speak Spanish, and I could not stay in the US because of the ban on Yemenis. Then, Canada put me in jail.”

Canada Border Services Agency is seeking to remove Dr Al-Humaikani to Mexico, where COVID-19 deaths have hit a new daily high of 1,092 deaths. Dr Al-Humaikani has presented to CBSA proof from the Mexican government that he has renounced his Mexican permanent residence, but CBSA is still attempting to deport him to the country dealing with a skyrocketing pandemic, where he no longer has any immigration status.

Dr. Al-Humaikani has been unfairly detained already for six months and twenty-four days, since November 21, 2019, because Canada says they do not think he will appear for proceedings. He has been so frustrated with the conditions that he began a hunger strike.

“This is just another example of the twisted logic behind Canada’s immigration detention regime,” says Omar Chu, a member of No One Is Illegal. “Dr Al-Humaikani has been clear that he is searching for the right to safety, and Canada responds by imprisoning him. Meanwhile, they lifted the freeze on arm exports to Saudi Arabia, who are leading a coalition that continues to bomb Sana’a, his hometown.”

Contact: Omar Chu


Posted by admin on Sep 3rd, 2018

We write in solidarity with prisoners at the Central Nova provincial jail in Burnside as you enter three weeks of ongoing, peaceful and inspiring protest within the prison.

We read and were moved by your strong and clear articulation: “We recognize that the injustices we face in prison are rooted in colonialism, racism and capitalism. August is a month rich with the history of Black struggle in the Americas.”

We support your extensive list of immediate demands for humane treatment including adequate health care, rehabilitative programs, exercise equipment, clothing and shoes, access to the library, air quality, and a healthier canteen: https://www.halifaxexaminer.ca/province-house/the-prisoners-at-the-burnside-jail-are-engaged-in-a-non-violent-protest-here-is-their-statement/

We are responding to your specific call for groups on the outside to support your statements and demands. As you state, all of these demands are reasonable and promote basic wellbeing. Nova Scotia Corrections has already been criticized by the provincial Auditor General for failure to comply with minimal provincial and international human rights standards.

We express our full solidarity and respect for the ongoing Burnside action.

We understand that prisons maintain racial, economic, and social power structures, and that ‘tough on crime’ narratives and policies criminalize oppressed communities. Across Canada, the brutality of law enforcement and over-representation of racialized and poor communities is not an aberration. Prisons are intended to disappear and warehouse certain targeted communities. Indigenous women are the fastest growing population in Canadian prisons with incarceration rates that have increased by 100 percent in the past fifteen years. There are also 70 percent more Black Canadians in federal prison compared to ten years ago.

As migrant justice organizers, we daily witness and hear about the indefinite incarceration of racialized migrants and refugees. We regularly hear horrific stories of segregation, miscarriage, suicide attempts, lack of access to lawyers or legal aid, denial of visits, no translation services, and more. Since 2000, at least 17 people have died in immigration detention, either directly in the custody of the Canada Borders Service Agency or while detained in provincial jails.

As Ruth Wilson Gilmore says “anti-criminalization and the extensive and intensive forces and effects of criminalization and perpetual punishment has to be central to any kind of political, economic change that benefits working people and their communities, or benefits poor people, whether or not they’re working, and their communities.”

We offer our solidarity for your courageous stance, and all those who are deemed “criminals” or “illegal” within this unjust system. We are also sending a $200 donation as material support in this important struggle. We encourage our networks to also write letters of support, and take action by contacting Justice Minister Mark Furey at justmin@novascotia.ca

No cages, no borders!

Joint Open Letter to Vancouver Pride Society

Posted by admin on May 17th, 2017

This letter was first presented at a meeting to Vancouver Pride Society in February 2017 and is now being released publicly on May 11, 2017.

Open Letter to the Vancouver Pride Society,

We write this letter as LGBTQIA2+ organizations and individuals and anti-racist community groups with majority queer and trans membership based on unceded Indigenous Coast Salish territories.

We write to support Black Lives Matter-Vancouver in their calls for the Vancouver Pride Society to remove any and all presence of uniformed police officers (VPD and RCMP) from marching as an institution in the Vancouver Pride Parade in 2017 and onward.

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Border Rights for Refugees: A multilingual guide

Posted by admin on Apr 5th, 2017

Border Rights for Refugees

A free multilingual guide for non-U.S. citizens coming to Canada from the U.S. to make a refugee claim.

Share widely: https://noii-van.resist.ca/?p=6487

Thousands of refugees are crossing the Canada-U.S. border, many fleeing escalated sociopolitical, white supremacist, misogynist violence and I.C.E raids in the U.S.

In the first two months of this year, approximately 2000 refugee claims were filed at land ports of entry along the Canadian border. In Quebec alone there are six times more land-border refugee claims than in the same period last year. RCMP have intercepted or arrested (not yet charged) 1,134 refugees – nearly half as many asylum seekers in three months as all of the previous year.

Hundreds have been forced to cross irregularly under dangerous and life-threatening circumstances. People who have contacted us and our networks are primarily from Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Djibouti, Ghana, Nigeria, and Mexico.

The Canadian government and corporate media’s rhetoric about ‘welcoming refugees’ is misleading. There are many discriminatory and unjust barriers, such as the Safe Third Country Agreement that the Canadian government refuses to rescind, and a difficult legal system for refugees to navigate if coming through the U.S. This guide is to better inform and support those making the difficult decision to cross yet another colonial border.

The guide is produced by No One Is Illegal and the Immigration Legal Committee of the Law Union of Ontario. Supported by the African-Canadian Legal Clinic.

PDF of the English here

With professional translations in:
Chinese (Simplified Script)
Filipino (Standardized)
Haitian Creole
Kurdish (Sorani)

Freedom to stay, move, and return!

Secwepemc Elder and Warrior Wolverine Passes On

Posted by admin on Mar 26th, 2016

By Ts’Peten Defence Committee, March 22, 2016


Today, Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 our Secwepemc War Hero and Elder Wolverine William Jones Ignace passed on to the Spirit World at his home in Secwepemc Territory. Wolverine earned his Battle Honours at Ts’Peten, Gustafsen Lake Siege in 1995, were he and other Warriors successfully survived a military attack launched by the Canadian government, in defence of his unsurrendered Secwepemc Lands. He leaves with us a great legacy of Indigenous Resistance, Struggle and Victory. He is widely respected and loved, not only by his family, community and Secwepemc Nation, but throughout the World as well. Wolverine lit the fires of Freedom in the hearts and spirits of countless Peoples fighting for Indigenous Lives, Lands and Rights. Wolverine will be greatly missed by Indigenous Warriors on the frontlines from Alaska to South America.

Wolverine sincerely expressed a deep will for the Peoples to continue the important and crucial work in fighting for our unceded Secwepemc Territory, including the demand for a National Inquiry into the siege at Gustafsen Lake. As well as, to carry on his Nourish the Nation Garden, to feed the frontlines.

To send your condolences to Wolverine’s family call (250) 679-3671 or by email: kanahusmanuel@gmail.com

Wolverines family is accepting monetary donations via e-transfer to: jrdickbilly@gmail.com

Memorial for Secwepemc Elder and Warrior Wolverine William Jones Ignace will be held Tuesday, March 29th in the Simon Baker Room at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre.


This is is a child friendly event and there will be food.

We will also be doing a collection for his family.


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