NOII Video – Anniversary of Laibar Singh Airport Action

Posted by admin on Dec 14th, 2010

Watch a recently made video to commemorate the 3-year anniversary of the airport action to prevent the deportation of Laibar Singh in 2007. This video was screened at our Rhymes and Resistance event on Dec 10th in remembrance of our victories and commitment to continued resistance

Advancing anti-racism and anti-colonial struggle: Re-examining the question “Where was the Color in Seattle”

Posted by admin on Nov 28th, 2008

Saturday, December 13  from 4-7pm. An evening of discussion — hearty dinner provided. 706 Clarke Drive )between Venebles and Hastings)

Along with many other important struggles, December 10th, 2008 – International Human Rights Day – marks the one year anniversary of the historic airport action to prevent the deportation of Mr. Laibar Singh. Over 1500 supporters – primarily elderly, women, and working class South Asians – converged at the Vancouver International Airport and surrounded the vehicle holding Mr. Singh. This physical prevention of a deportation by a grassroots community mobilization has served as a powerful inspiration to movements across North America. 

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Update: Laibar Singh’s “Return” to India

Posted by admin on Oct 22nd, 2008

Dear friends and allies, As you all might have heard by now, Mr. Laibar Singh will be returning to India. In a statement released by his legal counsel Peter Edelmann to media via No One Is Illegal “Mr. Laibar Singh intends to present himself to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for removal to India. On a number of recent occasions agents from CBSA have attended at the Abbortsford Gurudwara- despite the clear indication that it was a sanctuary zone- to tell Mr. Singh that there was no chance for him to remain in Canada. Mr. Singh continues to hope that the Canadian government will allow him to remain on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, but is no longer able to endure this state of limbo. He is thankful to all his supporters for their kindness.”

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Mainstream media coverage of Sunday July 13 “One year in Sanctuary is too Many- Status for Laibar Singh”

Posted by admin on Jul 14th, 2008

IMMIGRATION: PARALYZED INDIAN REFUGEE CLAIMANT MARKS ONE YEAR OF SANCTUARY. Border Service visits alarm Singh supporters, JEREMY HAINSWORTH. The Canadian Press. July 14, 2008

VANCOUVER — As paralyzed refugee claimant Laibar Singh marked one year in sanctuary yesterday, his supporters were concerned about visits by Canada Border Services agents to the Sikh temple where he has sought protection. Spokeswoman Harsha Walia said the unannounced visits are making the tradition of religious sanctuary meaningless. “The fact that they’re entering into sanctuary without notice and without consent is of concern,” Ms. Walia said. “Immigration authorities themselves have typically respected sanctuary because that’s the intention of that tradition, but for them even to come for any purpose is a concern. “It’s just told to them that they really shouldn’t be doing that,” Ms. Walia said. “They haven’t attempted a removal because they know he’s in sanctuary but it is a little bit alarming.”

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One year too many in Sanctuary- Status for Laibar Singh!

Posted by admin on Jul 7th, 2008

Sunday July 13. Gathering at Abbottsford Gurudwara. Meet at 11 am for rides from Vancouver. Safeway Parking Lot (Commercial and Broadway). Return by 2 pm. To confirm a spot in car (or if you have a vehicle- we need a few more- we’ll cover gas) please email andr_e_a at or call 778 999 9219 or 604 568 7430.

Over the past year in sanctuary, Laibar Singh has been through conditions that few of us can imagine, let alone bear. Despite an outpouring of support and incredible actions to defend him, he remains in sanctuary- unable to leave for fear of being arrested and deported. In the past few weeks, Canadian Border Services Agency officials have been ‘visiting’ Laibar Singh in sanctuary in Abbottsford without any prior notice or consent. While they are not overtly threatening removal and their visits might seem ‘harmless’, the entering of sanctuary for any such purpose is a clear and dangerous violation of the integrity of the sanctuary of the gurudwara.

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