People’s History of Kanada Poster Project

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The People’s History of Canada/Kanada Poster Project is a collaborative effort between No One is Illegal-Vancouver and grassroots artists. A series of original art pieces explore moments of repression and resistance in Canadian history. The artists working on this Project come from a diversity of communities and almost all carry his/herstories and direct experiences of colonization and displacement that are being engaged within the Project.

The main product of this Project are mass-produced free black & white posters to be widely disseminated throughout public spaces. This Project received no funding through government or corporate grants, therefore as a means of recovering costs and fundraising, we are also selling full-colour posters for a limited time.

see pictures from the project’s launch party at Rhizome Cafe in Vancouver, including artists’ original prints for sale, at

Posters are currently available at the following locations:

The People’s Co-op Bookstore:

1391 Commercial Drive
(604) 253-6442

Spartacus Books
684 East Hastings street
(604) 688-6138


We also sell the posters at our events:
NOII-Van Pricing: $4 for low income individuals, otherwise $10-20 sliding scale per poster


Solidarity Across Borders:

No One Is Illegal-Montreal:


Camas Bookstore and Infoshop

2590 Quadra St.
Victoria, BC, Coast Salish Territories


Toronto Women’s Bookstore

73 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON
(416) 922-8744


Radical Bookstore, Community Centre, Fair Trade Cafe
172 Allen Street, NY, NY
(212) 777-6028

In the works: the posters will also be available locally at other locations. We will post further details when they are available.

Ask your local infoshop or bookstore to carry them!

If you would like to purchase posters and aren’t near these locations, please call 604 875-8455 or email to see what we can arrange. Posters are available as fundraisers for grassroots social justice groups and can be bought in bulk at discounted rates.

BULK ORDERS: Email or call 604 875-8455 with information on:
1) how many and which posters you would like
2) your mailing address for shipment
3) individual name/group name under which order should be tracked.

– Bulk Pricing is available – please speak to us about pricing.
– Plus shipping (approximately $15-20 total) if needed

We will then give you a precise quote which includes shipping costs. Payment must be received (by cheque) before orders will be processed. Please make cheques payable to “No One Is Illegal” with “[name under which order was made]-Poster Project” in memo. Contact Naava Smolash at naava (dot) smolash (a) gmail (dot) com for the mailing address.

*** Click on icons to see larger versions – these are low-res images of the posters ***

tania-for-web.gifTania Willard: An artist and designer from the Secwepemc (Shuswap) Nation in the Interior of BC I have been working with narrative and story throughout my work in the arts, media and advocacy to share our peoples stories, history and experiences. I believe we all have a story to share, the stories of this land, our cultures and our experiences.
tyler-forweb.gifBenito Toews: As a self-taught artist, indigenous struggles, oppression, and violence have made me consider my art as a passion and my livelihood. Sparking awareness is one of my missions. This poster explores prisons, hospitals and other forms of instutionalization such as governments and war, corporate globalization of the world, and the ways genocide can be committed through institutionalization of our youth and adults.

ange-for-web.gif(Artist name withdrawn by request of artist): A grassroots organizer, artist and writer who belongs to the Gitxsan Nation of the Gitanmaax band. She critiques the oppression inherent in colonial capitalist society and works to chronicle the struggles and resistances of her people back home and in the city through art and writing. With formal and traditional training, she applies her skills to impart messages in prints, drawings, paintings, and carvings.

naomi-forweb.gifNaomi Moyer: African Diaspora
* You Grow Girl*
Simply, I compare a Dandelion to Africa/ It is beautiful, bright, yellow and resilient/ To some it is medicinal/ To others it is a WEED/ Its line of family survives a myriad of/ Climates, Poisons and Fables/ It may be desirable to pluck the petals/ But you cannot catch, count or cease/ All its infinite, fertile and ubiquitous/ SEEDS

riel-gord-for-web.gifRiel Manywounds (w/ Gord Hill): Born to both Tsuu T’ina Nation and Nak’azdli Carrier Nation, Riel Manywounds now find herself located in Coast Salish Territories working for Redwire Native Youth Media Society. The transitional stretch between both nations and the truths and realities learned from early childhood has only encouraged strong growth in her fight towards her people’s awareness and re-strengthening. Exercising our rights as First Nations and sharing our stories visually through art has found to be my most powerful and productive medium in getting my message out.

alex-forweb.gifAlex Mah was born and grew up on unceded Wet’suwet’en territory in Smithers. He is mixed race Chinese and White. Four of his great-grandparents were head-tax payers who immigrated from China in the late 1800’s. His grandfather, whose certificate is featured in this poster, was born in Crankbrook, B.C., and due to the Chinese Immigration Act of 1923 was not considered to be a Canadian citizen until a later date.

afuwa-forweb2.gifAfuwa Granger knows first-hand what Structural Adjustment Policies do to a small South American country. Her work articulates both this consciousness and the cultural inheritance of centuries of disruption. The primary images and voices in her poster on foreign/ migrant worker programs belong to women she’s met and stories they’ve told her.

annie-forweb.gif Annie Banks: A youthworker and printmaker in victoria, bc, who has been living, working, learning, and printmaking in her community for 16 yrs. coming from a white/european background, annie aspires to be an ally with groups facing and fighting oppression. she currently works with schools and youth groups, facilitating anti-homophobia workshops and creativity-based programs. she is involved with no one is illegal-Victoria and aspires to follow in the footsteps of the many revolutionary printmakers, activists, and individuals who inspire her.
Thank you to those at Purple Thistle, Rhizome Cafe, Gallery Gachet, Under the Volcano, and West Coast Line who supported this Project.

All work is under creative commons license. Free reproduction of the images for grassroots social justice movements, altering or building upon the works, may be possible only with permission from the artist. Click on creative commons symbol below for more details.

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