Racism and Islamophobia in the News

Posted by admin on Mar 29th, 2015

The Ekos Poll: Are Canadians Getting More Racist?

Not only is opposition to immigration in general scaling heights not seen in twenty years but the number of Canadians saying we admit too many visible minorities has just cracked the 40-point ceiling for the first time ever.

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A detailed timeline of Stephen Harper’s weird, racially divided vision of Canada

Before Stephen Harper became an international laughingstock and trended on Twitter and BuzzFeed for telling women he knows best how they should dress, there was the divisive — and weird — campaign with racial overtones that came before it. How weird? Scroll down our 2015 timeline:

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Why I intend to wear a niqab at my citizenship ceremony

My desire to live on my own terms is also why I have chosen to challenge the government’s decision to deny me citizenship unless I take off my niqab at my oath ceremony. I am not looking for Mr. Harper to approve my life choices or dress. I am certainly not looking for him to speak on my behalf and “save” me from oppression, without even ever having bothered to reach out to me and speak with me.

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B.C. judge declares human smuggling law too broad

Posted by admin on Jan 17th, 2013

Ruling puts two Tamil cases in limbo


A British Columbia Supreme Court judge has taken the bluster out of the Conservative’s campaign against illegal migrants by striking down a section of the law targeting human smuggling, putting at least two high-profile prosecutions in limbo.
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Jason Kenney Caught Lying About Refugee Health Cuts

Posted by admin on Jan 8th, 2013

Bureaucrats forced into last-minute pitch to save some refugee health benefits

Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press


Civil servants in the Department of Citizenship and Immigration had to scramble to make the case for preserving some refugee health-care benefits destined for the government’s cost-cutting axe, newly released documents show.

Overview of all the racist and exclusionary changes Minister of Deportation Kenney has made to immigration

Posted by admin on Dec 30th, 2012

Canada’s controversial 2012 changes to immigration and refugee system

Debra Black and Nicholas Keung
Immigration Reporters


Over the past year Ottawa has made some sweeping and controversial changes to the immigration, asylum and refugee system, and the rules involving Canadian citizenship.
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