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Posted by admin on Mar 29th, 2015

Video: Naverone Woods Family Statement

Naverone Christian Landon Woods, 23 year old Gitxsan man, fatally shot by transit police on Dec 28, 2014. His death at the hands of police was profoundly tragic. It was also incredibly troubling; raising many questions about the use of deadly force by police, the role of armed transit police on our public transit system, and the broader dynamics of racism and colonial violence.

Watch statement from his family:

Hubie, The Watchman

Since 2000, Hubert Jim has watched over the area known as Sutikalh—in the pristine wilderness of Cayoosh Canyon near Pemberton, British Columbia—with an attentive eye and clear love for it. From the nearby highway, following along a creek bed to a small opening, he occupies a lone cabin that was erected during a blockade. Hubert Jim, a member of the local St’át’imc First Nation known as “Hubie” to locals, has lived at Sutikalh since the blockade began. Outsiders commonly refer to Sutikalh as a “camp,” but Hubie explains that “15 years is too long to call this place a camp. For me, its Sutikalh Home.”

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Grassy Narrows First Nation Holds Logging Protest in Kenora

In March of last year, the Grassy Narrows’ youth group released a statement rejecting the plan, as did the community’s chief and council. “The trees, like the water, are sacred,” stated Brenda Kokokopenace, an Anishinabe Elder from Grassy Narrows. “We have a duty to protect Mother Earth, and that duty is sacred, too. It is good to see the youth standing up for the land. It shows they know who they are and that they can wake up the people who have lost that connection.”

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Statement of the Second Indigenous Assembly Against Mining and Pipelines

Posted by admin on Nov 6th, 2011

Statement of the Second Indigenous Assembly Against Mining and Pipelines

November 6, 2011 Unceded Coast Salish Territories- Indigenous communities from across the province are gathering in Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories this weekend to oppose destructive mining and pipeline practices.

The Assembly is a united response to the Canadian Aboriginal Mining Association’s conference being held at the Pan Pacific Hotel this week. This pro-mining “Meeting Minds, Making Mines” Conference is seeking to create economic certainty for mining corporations operating on non-treatied unsurrendered native land. Grassroots Indigenous communities, however, are opposing these plans and have come together in the Second Indigenous Assembly Against Mining and Pipelines.

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Statement of Opposition to the signing of the St’at’imc Hydro Agreement

Posted by admin on Apr 19th, 2011

We, the youth, women and families of the St’at’imc Tribe have protected this land since time immemorial. We deliver now the thundering demand of TRUE justice. We affirm these tribal lands were never sold, surrendered, or given to anyone, or anyone who would claim jurisdiction, We are the witnesses to those who stood before and passed on the oral history of the Indigenous place names, traditional culture, language and songs of the peoples of the StÌ“atÌ“imc Tribe. We take this stand for all of those who believe in Our Mother Earth and the natural laws of Energy and Spirit She is, and where we are all connected. As original tribes of Turtle Island we declare our right to Natural Tribal Laws, through the Traditional Customs the Creator has encoded in the genetics of our blood and passed on through oral history.

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Sutikalh 7 Year Anniversary Gathering

Posted by admin on May 5th, 2007

Sutikalh 7 Year Anniversary Gathering. Saturday May 5, 2007

Come to this anniversary gathering on Saturday May 5, 2007 and celebrate 7 years of resistance & sovereignty. Sutikalh camp is located off Hwy. 99 midway between Mt. Currie & Lillooet.

For more info contact:
Rosalin Sam 604-894-2400
Ramona Joe 604-894-2462

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Sutikalh- 6 year anniversary

Posted by admin on Apr 27th, 2006

Come join us in the celebration of our 6 years in Sutikalh, bring your drums, food, family and friends.

April 30th is the day of celebration, but you are invited to come and  stay the weekend. Just remember it is Sutik, which means winter yet in Sutikalh dress for the weather. Any and all donations greatly appreciated. Any information on other happenings in other nations bring them along and share with us. For those of you who would like to stay till the 2nd of May for a supper you are most welcome to do so.

For more information please contact; Rosalin Sam at; 604-894-2400By email; sutikalh2003 at Chief Garry John; 604-868-8560 or 250-256-7523; Ramona Joe; 604-894-2462.

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