Immigration and Refugee Law. A guide to understanding Immigration and Refugee Law in Canada, with information on the classes of immigrants and temporary residents, inadmissibility and deportation orders, refugees, permanent resident status and citizenship.

Canadian Refugee Process Flowchart. A visual representation of the stages in the Canadian refugee process along the way to being accepted or rejected as a refugee.

Starting a Refugee Claim. A fact sheet on how to begin the process of starting a refugee claim from within Canada.

Citizenship Handbook. An introduction to dealing with government service agencies such as the Employment Standards Branch, Residential Tenancy Office, and Victim Services, with information on what each agency does and how to challenge their decisions.

Immigration Admissibility Hearings. What to expect and how to prepare for an Immigration Admissibility Hearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Personal Information Form. A guide to completing a Personal Information Form when applying for refugee status in Canada.

Pre-Removal Risk Assessment. A guide to completing a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment if you are facing potential deportation.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Claims. A guide to completing a Humanitarian and Compassionate claim for Permanent Residence.

Applications and Forms. Applications for Temporary and Permanent Residence, Sponsorship, Humanitarian and Compassionate Claims, Protected Persons and Refugees, etc.

Immigrant Women and Domestic Violence. A guide for immigrant and refugee women dealing with domestic violence.

Interim Federal Health. Information on accessing temporary health insurance while your refugee claim is being processed and what is services are covered.

Being Detained. A guide to your rights if you are arrested or detained by immigration authorities.

Criminal Conviction. What to do if you are convicted of a crime as a permanent resident, and the implications for your status.


Know Your Rights. A guide to your rights from the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Arrest Handbook. An in-depth guide to your rights and responsibilites when dealing with the police in a variety of situations, as well as what to do after an arrest, how to file a complaint, etc.

Arrest Pocketbook. A shorter guide to dealing with the police in situations such as arrest, detention, searches, etc. Includes a list of helpful phone numbers.

Legal Guide for Protesters. A legal guide explaining your rights and responsibilities in relation to political protests.