Turning the Page on Colonial Oppression, Defenders of the Land Meets in Vancouver

Posted by admin on Mar 1st, 2010

Peter Kulchyski | March 1st 2010 | Canadian Dimenision

Early this fall, an event largely ignored by the mass media in Canada, took place in northwestern Ontario. A floatplane filled with equipment and staff from the Platinex mining company attempted to land on Big Trout Lake, known as Kitchenuhmaykoosib to the local Inninuwug. The chief and other members of the community got in their boats and played a game of “chicken” with the plane, maneuvering their boats in front of its landing trajectory to keep it from being able settle onto the lake. After making several attempts, the pilot turned around and returned south. A few months later the community heard the news that the Ontario government had bought out Platinex’s interest in the disputed territory (part of Treaty 9) and announced that the platinum mining development in the region would not proceed.

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Defenders of the Land, Private Property Abolitionists

Posted by admin on Jul 4th, 2009

By Shiri Pasternak. 06/04/2009. Indypendent Reader

Indigenous peoples in Canada have marked the geographical limits of capitalist expansion through more than five centuries of permanent resistance. Due to the geography of residual Aboriginal lands, they form a final frontier of capitalist penetration for natural resource extraction, agribusiness, and urban/suburban development. While much of the focus of the economic crisis has centred on foreclosures and job losses in the manufacturing and service sectors, a renewed push for resources – e.g. tar sands, timber, fisheries, mining, suburban sprawl – may tread in the old vices of colonialism, but it has also been ushered in by a new political economy of indigenous dispossession, and with it, spurred a new phase of resistance.

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Support of Gustafsen Lake Defenders!

Posted by admin on Mar 19th, 2004

ORPHEUM THEATHRE SAT MARCH 20 2004 @ 6:30 PM (Smithe at Seymour)

FORUM WITH GUSTAFSEN LAKE DEFENDERS AND MOVIE SCREENING “ABOVE THE LAW” Palestine Community Centre Sunday March 21st 2004 @ 4:45 PM, 1874 Kingsway (cross street Victoria)

Organized by Native Youth Movement and No One Is Illegal Vancouver

It is time for all those opposed to the Canadian colonial system to support, through tangible actions, those struggling for land, life, dignity and soverignty. A statement will be presented on March 20 at a NDP fundraiser at a ticketed event in Vancouver. Several Gustafsen Lake defenders will be converging in Vancouver on that night to speak about the injustices at Gustafsen Lake. Following that, Gustafsen lake defenders will be speaking out about the injustices at Gustafsen Lake. After close to one decade since the military siege, we cannot allow ourselves to forget this history of indigenous struggle.