Workers Control not Border Controls

Posted by admin on Apr 9th, 2010

Saturday May 1 @ 7:30 pm. Free! Rhizome Cafe, 317 East Broadway. Performances and speakers, followed by DJs.

Join us this May Day, as we join with workers around the world in celebrating the militant tradition of May 1 as a day to oppose the exploitation of workers. Hard-won wages, benefits, and social services continue to be eroded as Canada joins other imperialist countries in forcing increased labour flexibility in the name of ‘free trade’ and the capitalist neoliberal agenda. We are also continuing the courageous struggle of immigrant and migrant workers across North America against increasingly repressive and racist immigration controls, as we join together to assert our dignity and affirm international solidarity. Dedicated to the memory and revolutionary legacy of Hari P. Sharma. Supported by Justicia for Migrant Workers, No One Is Illegal Vancouver, Organizing Centre for Social and Economic Justice, Rhizome Cafe.

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