Victory for Ali Reza Monemi

Posted by admin on Jan 11th, 2005

NOII News Release, January 11, 2005

At 5 pm last night, less than twelve hours prior to his deportation, Ali Reza received news that he was granted a Stay of Deportation from Federal Court. Unable to contain her joy at two major victories within one day (the release of Ali from detention and his stay), his mother merely smiled throughout the rally with an occassional “Stop the Deportations! No One is Illegal.”

Ali’s victory to remain in Canada, at least temporarily, was due to the massive support and mobilization and the ongoing hunger strike. Even the judges commented on the public support as evidence that this was an unjust deportation. During the weekend, over 300-400 supporters dropped by to offer solidarity and support for the hunger strike, to the family, and to the campaign demands. On Monday, at noon over 50 supporters came out to rally for the release of Ali, including members of the Hospital Employee’s Union, the Bus Riders Union, the Longshoreman Union, No One Is Illegal, the Anti-Poverty Commitee, Stop War, the Iranian Federation of Refugees, the Palestine Community Centre, and others.

The hunger strike in sub zero temperatures was called off yesterday afternoon, but supporters from the Iranian Federation of Refugees and No One is Illegal vow to continue to fight for hundreds of others facing imminent deportation at the hands of Immigration Canada. The day that Ali was detained, there were at least ten other men with him in the holding cells of CIC.

It must be made clear that Ali’s fight to remain in Canada is not over yet. He has merely been granted the chance to remain in Canada while a Federal Court judge decides whether to allow Ali leave to Federal Court to review his Pre-Removal Risk Assesment (PRRA), then the judge must decide whether to grant him a new PRRA, and if so, he must file another PRRA and then wait for a positive decision. He may recieve a deportation date again which points out the fundamental flaws of the immigration system. A system which plays with peoples lives by ordering deportation dates when they have not yet finished the refugee process.

Please do get in touch to support various community organizations and families fighting the ongoing barrage of deportations.


In solidarity,
No One is Illegal Vancouver

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