Vancouver- Panel on Resisting the SPP

Posted by admin on Aug 11th, 2007

Thursday August 16th at 7 pm. Rhizome Cafe 317 East Broadway

* Kat Norris: Coast Salish Indigenous Action Movement on corporate colonization of indigenous land and resources.
* Fred Muzin: President of Hospital Employees Union on impacts of neoliberal economic policies such as privatization on working people.
* Erika Del Carmen Fuchs: member of La Otra Campagna (The Other Campaign)-Vancouver on impacts of neoliberal globalization in Mexico.
* Garth Mullins: doctoral candidate working on communities intervening in capitalist globalization.
* Cecily Nicholson: member of No one Is Illegal Vancouver on border militarization and national security regulations.
* Member of Siklab-BC on expansion of temporary foreign worker programs.

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