Update: NOII Ottawa confronts Paul Fromm and Neo Nazis

Posted by admin on Aug 26th, 2010

Paul Fromm and two racist supporters were confronted in Ottawa today as they tried to hold a (tiny) protest against rights for the Tamils of the MV Sun Sea. They were shouted down and promptly scampered away before a larger crowd of anti-racists had time to arrive at the scene of their (tiny) protest. Their (tiny) protest was to be held today, two days after No One Is Illegal Ottawa held a much larger demonstration in favor of letting the Tamil migrants stay on Monday August 23rd. “From one community of resistance to another, we welcome you” said one Anishnabe member of NOII-Ottawa, speaking at the pro Tamil rights protest of Monday.

“To those who say that immigrants are a burden, we ask you: Who cleans up after you? Who picks your fruit and vegetables? Who serves you food? Who drives you around? Who builds your houses, your schools, your hospitals? Time and time again, immigrants are scapegoated for the problems of capitalism.” said another NOII spokesperson to the enthusiastic crowd that had assembled in front of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada offices downtown Ottawa.

As NOII and other migrant justice groups continue to fight to dispel racist and xenophobic myths about Tamil migrants, it is important to keep the pressure on, especially when we are up against known Nazi supporters.

For more info on No One Is Illegal: www.nooneisillegal.org

For more info on nazi scumbag Paul Fromm:



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