Support grows for Karla Berenice García Ramírez to remain in Canada

Posted by admin on Jan 20th, 2012

Award-winning Mexican journalist and now whistleblower Karla Berenice García Ramírez, who writes under the penname Karla Lottini, fears for the safety of herself and her family as she awaits deportation orders. The calls for Karla  and her family to remain in Canada have grown. Below are excerpts from just some of the dozens of people who have written in support of Karla and her family.

Manuela Valle, a UBC Liu Institute Scholar:
“Karla Lottini is an amazingly brave woman, journalist, and mother who is facing deportation back to Mexico. She has been denied political asylum despite the death threats she has received after the publication of her book. The support from Canadians to her case is absolutely critical to protect her and her family from an increasingly violent and deadly climate of censorship in Mexico.”

Alexander Dawson, Director Latin American Studies at SFU:

“Vendettas that are unrelated to the drug war are often carried out with complete impunity under its cover. This is why I believe that Karla Berenice Garcia Ramirez’s claim is credible. It is my hope that the Canadian government begin to adopt a posture that reflects the serious nature of these crises, and acts in a less restrictive manner in these types of refugee claims.”

Elise Chenier, Associate Professor of History of SFU:
“I fully support her. She has already demonstrated herself to be an outstanding contributor to our community, she has launched a boo with the support of our universities, has been volunteering and contributing in a number of ways, and has two young Canadian children who should not be forced to a country they have never lived in.”

Rej Johanson, Department of English at Capilano University:
“Karla’s life is in danger because of her writing. As a writer and a teacher of writing, I take this seriously. I understand that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge that Mexico is not a safe country. I understand that trade and other agreements that the Government of Canada has with Mexico makes it difficult to take a stand. It would, however, be outrageous if trade and diplomatic expedience stood in the way of justice. The Government of Canada must support brave individuals like Karla, even when the truth they uncover is politically inconvenient.”

Irene Tsepnopoulos-Elhaimer, Executive Director of Women Against Violence Against Women:

“For the sake of her and her family’s safety and based on the life that Karla has already established here in Canada, we fully support her.”

Gary Jarvis, Second Vice President – Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 391
“I am very concerned about Karla and her family’s future should she be forced to leave the country. I hope the government will approve the family’s application to remain in Canada.”

Margo Kendall, retired as Coordinator of Latin American Studies at Langara College:
“The reality is that she is not only an author, but also a journalist and whistleblower and because of this she and her family faced serious intimidation, harrassement and death threats after she exposed government corruption and issues of impunity related to her former workplace in Mexico. This is exactly the kind of case Canada needs to support.”

Jessie Smith, Coordinator of Latin American Studies at Langara College:
“Canada’s refugee laws are there to protect people like Karla and her two Canadian children.”

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