Struggle Against SPP Continues!

Posted by admin on Sep 20th, 2007

Short movie and speaking presentations followed by open discussion and strategizing…

Monday September 24th from 6-8 pm. SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings.

* Slideshow and short films straight from Montebello!
* Excerpts from Film “A View from the Summit” on the FTAA protests in Quebec City in 2001
* Speakers including Myriam Hernandez (Mexican activist) on the impacts of SPP on Mexico, Cecily Nicholson (No One is Illegal) on the war at home, and on the occupation of Afghanistan.
* Open discussion and strategizing on the Campaign to Scrap the SPP!

August 20th was a continental day of action against the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement. In Montebello, approximately 2000-4000 protestors converged to oppose the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement and the meeting of Harper, Bush, and Calderon. Vancouver was documented as having the largest protest outside of Montebello, with approximately 600 people demonstrating their resistance throughout the day in a series of actions. The struggle against the SPP did not start on August 20th, nor should it have ended on August 20th.

Join us in short films, brief presentations, and open discussion on continuing the campaign to Scrap the SPP! For more information, email or call 778 885 0040

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