Selling Security

Posted by admin on Jul 20th, 2006


A public forum with films and speakers to discuss the climate of fear, racism, repression of civil liberties, and war-making in the wake of the recent arrests of 17 young Muslim men. A critical perspective, rooted in the historic and current reality about Canadian domestic and foreign policy, is necessary so join us for speakers, films, and discussion.

For more information, call 778-552-2099 or email noii-van at

 WITH FILM EXCERPTS from THREADBARE: Arshad Khan, 2005: In the summer of 2003, 23 Pakistani and one Indian man were arrested by Canadian law enforcement under Project Thread, a purported anti-terror investigation. The charges crumbled under scrutiny yet the men were quietly deported. Threadbare is the story of these men.


* JUDY HANAZAWA: “Enemy Aliens: Racial discrimination against Japanese Canadians”. Judy is a member of the Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association Human Rights Committee involved with post-redress community development.

* SUMAYYA KASSAMALI: “Multiculturalism, Racism, and the National Imaginary”. Sumayya is a third-year Political Science and Women’s Studies student at UBC and involved in interfaith, antiracist, and antiwar activism.

* GARTH MULLINS: “Canada’s Spy Agency: From Red Scare to Terror Alerts”. Garth will be discussing the history of CSIS from Cold War anti-communism; to spying on postal workers, the peace movement, and anti-globalization activists; to the war on terror. Garth is a member of Autonomy & Solidarity and working on a doctorate on communities intervening in
capitalist globalization.

* NAAVA SMOLASH: “Fear or Fact: Media Coverage of the Toronto Arrests”. Naava is a Media Studies instructor at Malaspina University-College and a doctoral candidate at Simon Fraser University focused on the intersections
between nationalism, race, and newspaper representations of bodies deemed “the enemy within” the nation-state.

* ANGELA STERRITT “Vilification of Indigenous women in the Media and Resistance to Racism and Sexism”. Angela is a social justice advocate who works specifically for the rights of Indigenous women and girls. She is Gitxsan and Irish and lives and works on Coast Salish Territory. She has
spent over 10 years in radio broadcast, as a researcher, producer and critic of the mainstream media.

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