Rhymes & Resistance: Annual Fundraising Extravanganza

Posted by admin on Dec 1st, 2010

December 10, 2010 | 7pm. Rhizome Cafe, 317 E. Broadway. Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories
$5-$20 suggested. No one turned away for lack of funds. Child-friendly and bus tickets available.

Join us for a night of live music, poetry and film in support of the ongoing work of No One Is Illegal–Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories. Try your luck at winning fabulous prizes at the first ever No One Is Illegal raffle. Enjoy tasty treats from Rhizome and shake your butt on the dance floor.

As part of broader global struggles, December 10th – International Human Rights Day – marks many pivotal moments within local campaigns. On December 10th 2002, the Secwepemc people were brutally repressed by the government of BC and the RCMP, as their homes and sweatlodges were demolished. Also on December 10th, Mohamed Harkat, an Algerian refugee was detained under a Security Certificate, on which he continues to be held. December 10th also represents moments of resistance. It marks the anniversary of the historic airport action to prevent the deportation of Laibar Singh in 2007. And across the country this year, actions are being held in solidarity with Abousfian Abdelrazik against the anti-terror sanctions of the UN 1267 regime.

This year we will highlight the continued community resistance against the colonial canadian state and it’s (in)justice system. we will remember the victories we have achieved, and celebrate our stories through poetry in many tongues.


No One is Illegal-Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories is a grassroots anti-colonial migrant justice collective. Our collective is predominantly people of colour and women. We are an all-volunteer group; none of our
organizers are paid. We accept no government or corporate funds. We rely on our communities’ support to keep us going. Thank you!

As a movement for self-determination that challenges the ideology inherent to immigration controls, we believe that there are no illegal or undeserving human beings, only inhumane and immoral laws.

People are not simply worth their value in capital or labour. Such ideas of worthiness are based on domination that has justified the dehumanization and genocide of peoples across the world. Canada and its
economy are built on the theft of Indigenous lands; exploitation of labour especially slave, migrant, and reproductive labour; and the global appropriation of natural resources.

The ongoing apartheid reality instituted through reserves and sweatshops is one that must be fundamentally uprooted and transformed. We place ourselves within the broader movement for global justice struggling against capitalism, homophobia, imperialism, occupation, patriarchy, poverty, racism and other forms of domination because we recognize that these are interconnected systems.

We envision and actively strive for a humanity where everyone has the right to sustenance and the ability to provide it, where we are free of oppression, misery, and exploitation, and are able to live meaningfully in
relationship to one another and in reverence for Mother Earth that sustains us.

Visit us at: www.nooneisillegal.org

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