Resources on Idle No More

Posted by admin on Dec 26th, 2012

Here are links to some recent articles and interviews on the importance of the idle no more movement and Indigenous struggles (there are many more, just picked ten, feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments):

Idle No More pamphlet ‘Resetting and Restoring the Relationship ‘ authored
by Taiaiake Alfred and Tobold Rollo:

Decolonization journal has a number of recent pieces by Indigenous writers including Leanne Simpson, Glen Coulthard, Tara Williamson and others:

Democracy Now interview with Pam Palmater



Idle No More Sweeps Canada and Beyond as Aboriginals Say Enough Is Enough

Guardian piece by Martin Lukacs

Toronto Star: Why Idle No More is gaining strength, and why all Canadians should care

Idle No More: Women rising to lead when it ‘s needed most

Naomi Klein in Globe and Mail

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