Resist 2010- Boycott Delta Hotels

Posted by admin on Feb 11th, 2005

Speakers include: June Quipp (Elder, Cheam Nation), Rosalin Sam (Sutikalh camp), Billie Pierre, Dustin Johnson (Indigenous Students Society UBC), Super Dan, and others…..


February 12, 2005 will mark the five-year countdown to the 2010 Olympics, which runs from February 12-28. On Saturday February 12, 2005 we will bring the struggle against the Olympics to the forefront by targeting the Delta Hotels and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) offices.

We will be marching to confront and remind people that there can be No Olympics on stolen native land as the the Secwepemc, St’at’imc, Cheam and other communities are fighting ski resort development, including hotels like Delta which is now the target of an International Boycott called for by the Secwepemc community, on unceded traditional territories.

The Olympics must be exposed and confronted and the fightback must begin now. The effects of the Olympics are far greater than the games itself- with gentrification of poor neighbourhoods through draconian policies such as the Safe Streets Act, increasing privatization of public services, the expansion of sport tourism on unceded indigenous lands and increased land tenure to corporations, union busting through decisions such as the seven-year imposed contract handed down to the BC Ferry and Marine Workers Union, and exploitative conditions for temporary migrant labour.

This is merely the beginning of a larger, more coordinated and more comprehensive movement being built over the next few years to oppose and disrupt the Olympics and the various policies justified in its wake.

United we will continue to struggle for our self-determination and dignity!!! No Justice, No Peace!

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