Reportback: Rally at Burnaby prison for detained Tamil mothers and children

Posted by admin on Sep 13th, 2010


Over 100 people gathered in front of the Burnaby Youth Custody prison where approximately 90 Tamil refugee mothers and children are being incarcerated. Locked out of the facility, for over two hours supporters banged on pots and pans to the beats of Tamil music.

nenje nenje, nee engai, naanum angai.
(soul, wherever you are, i am there too.)

In an Indigenous welcome for the Tamil refugees to unceded territory, Carol Martin articulated “This govt is the obstacle between people and freedom.” A large Tamil banner reading “We welcome you, we support you” was held towards the two detention units where children could be seen waving and smiling, peering through prison bars.

yellam sollavai, oru naal pothumah?
(could one day be enough to tell you everything.)

Thank you to all those who offered carpools, and all those who came out to demonstrate love and solidarity. In the past week, 30-day detention hearings for the detainees have resumed, with a majority of detainees being held on so-called identity grounds. No One Is Illegal will continue to organize until the Tamil asylum seekers, and all migrants, are released from detention immediately and welcomed to lives of dignity and respect.

Join us to reject repressive, racist, and exclusionary ideologies and policies, and instead encourage solidarity, respect for life, and justice for all refugees.

* Media:–protesters-make-noise-for-tamil-migrants-held-at-a-burnaby-jail

* National Day of Action: Stop Jailing and Deporting Refugees, Let them Stay! For PHOTOS from across the country (courtesy NOII groups, VMC, AW@L):

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