Refuge 26, 2: No Borders As Practical Politics

Posted by admin on Apr 25th, 2011

The special issue on No Borders As Practical Politics has finally come out in the Canadian journal *Refuge*

You can access the entire issue here

Table of Contents


A Note from the Editor
Sharry J. Aiken

Editorial: Why No Borders?
Bridget Anderson, Nandita Sharma, Cynthia Wright

Feature Articles
Stateless Citizenship and the Palestinian-Arabs in Israel
Shourideh C Molavi

Borders, Labour Impacts, and Union Responses: Case of Spain
Luke Stobart

Borders of Solidarity: Life in Displacement in the Amazon Tri-Border Region
Carolina Moulin

Moving Beyond English as a Requirement to”Fit In”: Considering Refugee and Migrant Education in South Australia
Clemence Due,Damien Riggs

Migrant Illegality, Nation Building, and the Politics of Regularization in Canada
Jean McDonald

Differential Criminalization under Operation Streamline: Challenges to Freedom of Movement and Humanitarian Aid Provision in the Mexico-US Borderlands
Andrew Burridge

Negotiating Rights: Th e Politics of Local Integration
Tara Polzer

Whose “No Borders”? Achieving Border Liberalization for the Right Reasons
Nick Gill

Residency Documents for All! Notes to Understand the Movement of Migrants in Barcelona
Amarela Varela

Other Articles
“I Have a Voice—Hear Me!” Findings of an Australian Study Examining the Resettlement and Integration Experience of Refugees and Migrants from the Horn of Africa in Australia
Eileen Pittaway, Chrisanta Muli, Sarah Shteir

Domestic Violence and Gender-Based Persecution: How Refugee Adjudicators Judge Women Seeking Refuge from Spousal Violence—and Why Reform Is Needed
Constance MacIntosh

Un/Convention(al) Refugees: Contextualizing the Accounts of Refugees Facing Homophobic or Transphobic Persecution
Sharalyn R. Jordan

Siting Sudaneseness: Territory, Practice, and Identity in Aragi
Bjorn Curley

Refugees Who Arrive by Boat and Canada’s Commitment to the Refugee Convention: A Discursive Analysis
Alexandra Mann

Creating Higher Burdens: Th e Presumption of State Protection in Democratic Countries.
Jamie Chai Yun Liew

Book Review
Melancholy Order: Asian Migration and the Globalization of Borders by Adam McKeown
Radhika Mongia

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