Organizing Against Displacement, Colonization and Gentrification

Posted by admin on Jul 14th, 2009

w/Detroit based emcee & activist ** INVINCIBLE ***

Fri Aug 7th. FREE!. Doors: 5:30 pm @ W2 (157 W Hastings).

Bus tickets and snacks provided. Child-friendly/childcare on site

Invincible will screen and discuss the hybrid docu-music-videos “People Not Places” featuring Abeer and Suhell Nafar (DAM) and “Locusts” featuring Finale, both directed by Iqaa the Olivetone. These films will show the relationship between gentrification and colonization and ways that people are not only resisting but also developing visionary alternative and sustainable solutions. She will also lead a participatory workshop about local organizing strategies and generating ideas to bring new people and energy into the local anti-displacement projects in Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Please join us in a rare opportunity with acclaimed and award-winning artist Invincible, you won’t want to miss it! Includes traditional Coast Salish welcome and presentations by local organizers from Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign, DTES Power to Women Group, and No One Is Illegal.

Presented by No One Is Illegal with the support of W2, Under the Volcano Festival of Art & Social Change, EMERGENCE Music, Downtown Eastside Power of Women Group, Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign.

For more information call 778 885 0040 or email Visit:

* About Invincible:

It is truly rare to find an artist like Invincible. Talib Kweli has called her one of the most talented emcees he’s ever heard. Her spitfire wordplay has gotten her acclaim from fans all across the world, while her active involvement in community organizing through Detroit Summer’s Live Arts Media Project and US Palestine Youth Solidarity Network has taken her music beyond entertainment. InvincibleÂ’s latest evolution, and long awaited solo debut “Shapeshifters” is even more rebelliously appealing.

Listen here:

* About the films:

People Not Places is a journey through a “birthright” tour of Israel where the buried Palestinian significance of each location comes to light. Intertwined between verses are interviews from various perspectives exposing the myth of a “Jewish birthright” to a land Palestinians are denied the Right of Return to. These insightful voices also show the importance of Right of Return, how it can be actualized, and how it connects to the resistance of occupied and displaced communities from Turtle Island to Puerto Rico and beyond. Directed by Iqaa The Olivetone. Produced by EMERGENCE Media and PEP

Locusts presents groundbreaking music, lyrics, and interviews with youth and community activists about profit-driven urban development schemes that displace inner-city neighbourhoods. Directed by Iqaa the Olivetone. Produced by EMERGENCE Media

* About Iqaa The Olivetone, film director

Iqaa The Olivetone is a music video director, artist and musician. Based in Detroit and New York, his work focuses on documenting and catalyzing social change and cultural representation.

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