NYM Warrior Shark Refused Bail; RCMP Targets His Wife

Posted by admin on Jun 12th, 2009


Native Youth Movement Warrior Shark is still denied bail by KKKlanada and the illegal province of so-called british columbia. He is being held captive for defending the Land and Secwepemc women and children against Sun Peaks resort corporation and their mercenaries the royal canadian mounted pigz (RCMP). His illegal capture took place on Thursday, May 21st, 2009, almost 8 years after he was charged with defending the Land and People. Now his wife is being targeted for being a community organizer.

Sun Peaks Resort Corporation is illegally built on Un-Surrendered Secwepemc Territory. In 2000 Secwepemc people moved back to the Land surrounding Sun Peaks to stop their illegal expansion and destruction. Immediately the people were targeted, over 70 arrests have taken place in an effort to chase the people back to the reserved concentration camp. The Secwepemc continue to oppose Sun Peaks’ destruction as well as all destruction to the Land, Water and Air.

Shark’s wife, Miranda Dick, a mother of 5, is a part of the Secwepemc Women’s Council and a Warrior for the Land and People. She has been targeted by the RCMP and threatened with criminal charges for refusing to be silent about Shark’s capture and her uncompromising stance to protect her ancestor’s remains and sacred sites from the highway and railway’s destructive illegal expansion.

A RCMP officer, from the Chase detachment, approached the Neskonlith Chief and Council and said Miranda could be charged with Fraud for collecting donations towards Shark’s legal costs while she is on social assistance [1]. The RCMPigz are trying their best to use fake petty threats to shut Miranda and the Secwepemc people up. They want Shark to be isolated and the world [to] stay uninformed about the Indigenous Land fight here in so-called british columbia. KKKlanada does not want anybody to know about the destruction that Sun Peaks, the Highway and Railway expansion, Mining, IPP’s (Dams), and the oil pipelines and tar sands are doing to all Life. Their attempts to scare off community support and create in-fighting will fail, the people are smarter than that. The People will not be silenced, we are Earth’s Army, here to speak for the speechless and defend the defenseless.

A day before Shark was arrested, a Mohawk Warrior, Gator was arrested for defending his Land from illegal destruction (development). In the same time frame, the RCMPigz threatened Miranda (through DIA chief & council) [and] 15 individuals were harassed and targeted by the Vancouver Integrated Security Unit (VISU) for organizing against the 2010 Winter Olympics, to be illegally held on Un-Surrendered Native Land.

Also over 100 Native People were massacred in Peru for stopping illegal destruction on their land. In Oaxaca, Native people fighting a mine were attacked by mexikkkan police and military. In Mohawk Territory, our brothers and sisters are refusing to allow armed border guards on their land and have been roadblocked onto Cornwall Island by KKKlanadian and ameiKKKan forces. We are Unified with all Indigenous People Worldwide, we must know each other and our struggles, so we can help each other defeat the enemies of the Earth.

World War 4 is here, the last battle of Nation states vs. Indigenous People and the Land. What would Crazy Horse do? Native people will not sit by and be silenced and massacred, our brothers and sisters in Peru have killed over 20 police in response to the massacre of their people, our ancestors are with us, we stand in full solidarity with
our people in the Amazon, we will defeat these illegal invaders, have no fear.

Write to Shark at:

Joseph Romandia
Box 820
BC V2C 5M9

We will not stop until we win! No Surrender!

We are seeking donations from all those out there that support the Indigenous struggle for land and Freedom. All those that support Native youth, here is your chance to make a donation for a good cause.

All donations can be made to:

Skwelkwek’welt Protection Centre
c/o PO Box 837
Chase, BC V0E 1M0

Miranda Dick

Royal Bank (in the midst of switching to climate friendly banking)
Shuswap Ave., Chase, BC
Transit # 00880
Account # 5055447

If you are sending donations from the US, please send “international money order” or it will take 30-business days to clear for cheques and other money orders.

Any donations that [you] would like to [be made] contact:

[1] Under British Columbia’s social assistance/disability rules, recipients are required to report all income, regardless of the amount or source. Failure to disclose may result in administrative sanctions (re-payment of assistance, fines, temporary suspension of assistance), as well as criminal “Fraud” charges. Those convicted of “Fraud” may receive jail, a fine, and/or an order to re-pay benefits, as well as a lifetime ban on receiving any further assistance

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