No One Is Illegal Vancouver Solidarity with CUPW

Posted by admin on Jun 26th, 2011

No One Is Illegal Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories is writing to express our support for the members of the Canadian Union of Postal workers. During the lockout from Canada Post, we proudly rallied alongside CUPW workers and supported workers on the picket lines and in autonomous occupations of MP offices. Now, with the passage of Bill C-6, the Harper government is furthering attacking postal workers and all working people. As expected, the government imposed a wage increase that is less than the last offer presented by Canada Post management.

Despite that, we are confident that members of CUPW will continue the fight. You are our neighbours and members of our community. In addition to the important services you provide to us, individually and as a Union you have stood with us in our struggles against colonialism and racism. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has a long history as a progressive voice for working people, and those marginalized by the exploitative system in which we live. We commend your principled stance for maternity benefits, your opposition to the occupation of Afghanistan, your support for Security Certificate detainees, your solidarity with migrant and undocumented workers, and your role in leading the labour BDS movement for a free Palestine.

We will be encouraging our supporters to attend on Monday, June 27 from 11:30am – 2:30pm at the Main Post Office, 349 West Georgia St to express our solidarity with CUPW workers as your struggle continues against Canada Post for fair wages & conditions and to “show the bosses and their government that we are ready to fight.” Your current fight against the neo-liberal, privatizing agenda of the Harper regime is our fight too, and we are proud to stand up as your allies.

In solidarity,
No One Is Illegal-Vancouver Coast Salish Territories


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