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Decolonize your mind and join NOII for films screenings exploring the realities of the “Canadian” experience. Reasons to attend an indoor film screening on a beautiful summer day:

a) Canada-day weekend is filled with parades about the false histories and myths of Canadian peacekeeping and multiculturalism.
b) Wow, free movies!
c) I am interested in discussions about colonization, imperialism, oppression and how to ignite revolution!
d) I heart acclaimed critical documentaries, shorts, and artistic films.
e) All of the above.

Saturday July 4th. 11 am to 5 pm. Room 700, SFU Harbour Centre. 515 West Hastings


==> 11:00 am

Home Feeling: Struggle for a Community (57 mins, Jennifer Hodge and Roger McTair). The Jane-Finch “Corridor” is an area of six square blocks in Toronto’s North York. The film focuses intimately on the lives of several of the residents, many of them Blacks or members of other visible minorities, and their relationship with police, social service agencies, and other major institutions that affect their lives.

==> 12:30 pm

Writing the Land (7 mins, Kevin Lee Burton): This 2007 film meticulously combines film language with Hunkamenum words to recreate Musqueam elder Larry Grant’s experience of rediscovering his language and cultural traditions.

Resist 2010 (15 mins, Burning Fist Media with no2010): A short, fast-paced documentary focusing on the negative impacts of the 2010 Games and the ongoing resistance by Indigenous & other social movements.

You are on Indian Land (36 mins, Mort Ransen): A film report of the 1969 protest demonstration by Mohawk Indians of the St. Regis Reserve/Akwesasne on the international bridge to draw attention to the violations of the Jay Treaty of 1794 by Immigration and Customs officers. The film shows the blockade and confrontation with police.

~ BREAK 2:00 – 2:30 pm ~

==> 2:30 PM

Borderless Me (14 mins, Setareh Mohammadi): explores the complex issues of gender, identity, immigration, identification, and borders.

Unmapping Desire (6 mins, Sheila James) an experimental video/poem carrying the theme of separation, political borders and social boundaries which prevent women from loving women.

Checkpoint (12 mins, Alex Mah): The film examines how the daily lives of trans, gender-variant and two-spirited men of colour living in Southern BC are affected by gender-incongruent identification, from borders to bars.

==> 3:30 PM

Minoru: Memory of Exile (18 mins, Michael Fukushima): Directed by Michael Fukushima, son of Minoru Fukushima who was interned in the interior of BC and finally deported to Japan, the film artfully combines classical animation with archival material.  The memories of the father are interspersed with the voice of the son, weaving a tale of suffering and survival.

No Time to Stop (29 mins, Helene Klodawsky): Kwai Fong Lai is from Hong Kong, Alberta Onyejekwe from Ghana, and Angela Williams from Jamaica. At home and at work, they speak candidly about the conditions that shape their lives as working class immigrant women.

Brown Women Blonde Babies (30 mins, Marie Boti and Malcolm Guy): Thousands of women leave their homes and families in the Philippines every year to work abroad as domestic workers. Thousands have made their way to Canada, forming part of the Third World in our living rooms.
For more information email noii-van at or call 778-885-0040.

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