No One Is Illegal Montreal – In Solidarity with The Six Nations

Posted by admin on May 14th, 2006

No One Is Illegal Montreal – In Solidarity with The Six Nations

As a collective of individuals from racialized/migrant backgrounds, in occupied Kanien’keha:ka territory, we stand in solidarity with the people in Six Nations and denounce the violent actions of the government of Canada and the province of Ontario in attempting to quell the resistance and struggle for self-determination of a sovereign nation. These actions are the mere extension of a colonial ideology that forms the historical legacy of Canada. As a collective fighting for the right to self-determinaton of migrants, refugees and Indigenous Peoples, we affirm the clear link between colonial — and neo-colonial forces, capitalist globalization and the displacement of people throughout the world. These same forces operate to displace Indigenous peoples here on Turtle Island and in the Global South.

We reject and denounce the Canadian government’s right to label entire communities as “illegals”, “undocumented” or “status Indian” and reaffirm that such practices aim at reinforcing an apartheid system built on the genocide and dispossession of Indigenous Peoples. We denounce the systematic criminalization of Indigenous and Migrant communities, under the cover of the so-called “war on terror”, which justifies the militarization and occupation of sovereign nations globally and here on Turtle Island.

We assert that Canada’s direct attempts at annihilating Indigenous Peoples via the use of overt military violence and the forced displacement of entire communities have been enforced and sustained by institutionalized systems of oppression: bureaucratic mechanisms, racist political constructs and economic rationalizations.

As such, we denounce the current structures put in place by the government of Canada as illegitimate and mere attempts at continuing the century-old practice of dictating the form, style and parameters of “Indian” government, and we recognize the legitimate right for the Six Nations to be dealt with on a nation-to-nation basis.We assert that the situations portrayed as “confrontations” between Indigenous communities and the state, cast by the media and policy-makers as ahistorical incidences of civil disobedience and social breakdown are the inevitable consequence of a struggle against external domination, and for sovereignty and self-determination.

We affirm our solidarity with the Six Nations community in calling for:

– A withdrawal of OPP and other colonial forces from the Six Nations territory
– An immediate end to construction by Henco Industries
– A just resolution, based on a nation-to-nation process, as demanded by the Clan Mothers.

We endorse and support the demands of the Six Nations Clan Mothers:

1. The Six Nations are distinct original nations. We are to be dealt with on a nation-to-nation basis by the Crown and all other nations.
2. The Crown must respect our original relationship as set out in the Two Row Wampum, our jurisdiction as provided in our constitution, the Kaiannereh’ko:wa, and as respected by Sections 109 and 132 of the BNA Act, 1867 and according to international covenants that Canada has signed.
3. We are to be dealt with on a nation-to-nation basis, as was the custom before Canada separated from the British Empire. Respect for the independent international status of the Six Nations by Canada was established before Canada achieved recognition as a state or gained the ability to sign treaties on its own. The independent international identity of the Six Nations identity has never been legally extinguished.
4. The band councils were established with procedures that violated international law. They continue to function as colonizing institutions. We have never consented to their establishment nor their representing us.
5. Canada and all its politicians, bureaucrats, agents, assignees and appointees should cease and desist immediately their attempt to criminalize and apprehend our people for defending what is rightfully ours, the land to which we hold title. Any further action by Canada, Ontario and their agents shall be viewed as being a direct violation of the Two Row Wampum, the constitutional accord between the Ratino’shon:ni and Canada and international law.
6. The claims of Canada and the province of Ontario to have a right to legislate for the Rotino’shon:ni Six Nations and to grant private title to our land has no foundation in law.

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