Nine Arrests at Six Nations

Posted by admin on Sep 21st, 2007

CBC News, September 20, 2007 

Nine protesters have been arrested near Caledonia, Ont., at a demonstration at a subdivision near the site of a long simmering aboriginal land claim dispute. Witnesses say more than 100 police officers in riot gear went into Stirling Street subdivision Wednesday to make the arrests. Six Nations protesters have occupied the subdivision since last week, saying the land is theirs.

Last Thursday, contractor Sam Gualtieri was found unconscious in a partially built house on the site after clashing with aboriginal youths during a land claims demonstration. He is still recovering from head injuries.

The subdivision is located several kilometres from another housing development, Douglas Creek Estates, that has been the site of a Six Nations occupation since late February 2006.

As a result of last week’s violent confrontation, Ontario pulled out of the week’s negotiations with the Six Nations and the federal government.

The nine people arrested Wednesday face criminal charges, but police did not immediately release further details.

Before the arrests, police say they gave protesters the option of leaving the property on their own or being charged and arrested.

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