National Actions for Laibar Singh

Posted by admin on Jan 25th, 2008

– Demand that CBSA and Stockwell Day Respect Sanctuary!
– Support the South Asian community in its courageous mobilizing!
– Take an active stand against the racist backlash!
– Permanent residency status for Laibar Singh now!

VANCOUVER/SURREY: EVENING VIGIL. SUNDAY JANUARY 27TH AT 4 PM AT SURREY GURU NANAK GURUDWARA. Corner of 72nd and 120th Ave aka Scott Road. Email: noii-van at or call 604 779 7430

– Rides are available from Safeway Parking Lot (Broadway and Commercial) at 3 pm. Seats must be confirmed with Andrea at andr_e_a at or call 778 999 9219 or 604 568 7430. Rides back will also be provided. If you have a vehicle that is available (gas covered) for rides on Sunday, please do get in touch with Andrea, we need at least 6 more vehicles, thanks!

– Alternatively, take the skytrain (blue Millenium Line) to Scott Road Station (about 20 minutes ride from Broadway Skytrain Station) and there will be carpools from Bay 1 Bus Loop at Scott Road Station (look for people with signs) starting at 3:45 pm. Call 604 779 7430 for questions.

Mr. Laibar Singh has become well known in Vancouver and across Canada as a paralyzed refugee claimant who first took sanctuary in July 2007 in an Abbotsford Gurudwara and is currently in sanctuary again in the Surrey Guru Nanak Gurudwara.The incredibly public and inspiring struggle of Laibar Singh and the diverse community of supporters around him has led to Mr. Singh being granted a 60-day stay in August 2007, another stay in October 2007, and the physical prevention of his deportation from the Vancouver International Airport on International Human Rights Day.

He is currently in safe in sanctuary, although CBSA and Stockwell Day have made the alarming and dangerous suggestion that they will remove him in a glaring violation of the tradition of sanctuary because they are concerned about looking ‘too weak’ in the face of the unprecedented organizing that has taken place.

From coast to coast, people have been moved by the courageous mobilizing efforts in support of Mr. Singh, despite intense racist backlash to the South Asian community. We join and stand with Laibar Singh and his supporters in Vancouver and Surrey to demand that the government respect sanctuary and to allow Mr. Singh to remain in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds immediately.

He, like anyone else, should be entitled to live a healthy and dignified life. The struggle against deportation and to support Laibar is not for him alone nor is it simply one case, rather it symbolizes the struggles for all immigrant and refugees who daily struggle to live with dignity.

Join us in:

– London: Support Laibar Singh and End Secret Trials. Thursday, January 24, 2008. 12:30pm – 5:00pm at UCC Atrium

– Fredericton: Rally for Laibar Singh and against Security Certificates. Noon on Friday January 25th at MP Andy Scott’s office, 412 Queen Street. Organized by the Fredericton Peace Coalition.

– Toronto: Rally and Demonstration at the Toronto Immigration Offices. Saturday, Jan. 26th at 9:30 am. Meet at OISE – 252 Bloor St W – St. George subway station) (Buses will take us to the offices) For more info: email: nooneisillegal at or sikhactivist at

– Vancouver/Surrey: Evening Vigil. Sunday Jan 27th at 4 pm at Surrey Guru Nanak Gurudwara (where Laibar is currently in Sanctuary). Corner of 72nd and 120th Ave aka Scott Road.

– Peterborough: Leafletting and info tables Sat Jan 26th to Sun Jan 27th. Organized by PCAP and Beats for Justice. Contact pcap at

– Kingston: Monday Jan 28th. Delegation to deliver letters in support of Laibar Singh to MP’s and Immigration office.

– Quebec City: January 29th Delegation to Immigration Canada to deliver a letter of support. For information contact No One Is Illegal Quebec City: lumiere at

– Guelph: Information table on Laibar Singh on Tues January 29th from 9 am to noon at St. George’s Square.

– Halifax: Delegation to Citizenship and Immigration office on Tues Jan 29th 11 am to deliver a letter in support of Laibar Singh. Organized by Halifax Coalition Against Poverty. Info: hcap at or (902) 444-5060.

РMontreal: Solidarity Delegation on Tuesday January 29th at noon to Citizenship and Immigration Canada offices (1010 St-Antoine West; m̩tro Bonaventure). Info: solidaritesansfrontieres at or 514-848-7583 (English/French). 514-909-9991 (Punjabi)

– Ottawa: Delegation to Citizenship and Immigration office on Tues Jan 29th 11 am to deliver a letter in support of Laibar Singh. For more info: opirgadmin at

– more to be confirmed in Winnipeg and Edmonton

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