Demontration and boycott against Sun Peaks/Delta Hotels

Posted by admin on Sep 22nd, 2004


MEDIA SCRUM: Thursday September 23 @ 3:30 PM. Victory Square (Cambie and Hastings)

Demonstrations will be taking place simultaneously in Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg, Calgary and Montreal on Thursday September 23 as the Secwepemc people are fighting an additional $285 million expansion. Over the last six years, the Secwepemc have attended various “stakeholder” meetings and clearly said no to the further expansion of the resort.

The Skwelkwek’welt defenders are currently occupying and building a physical structure adjacent to the Sun Peaks golf course as an assertion of their Aboriginal Title, reaffirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada Delgaamukw decision. They have been served with a Trespass Notice and a Court injunction (sought by Sun Peaks) and face imminent forcible removal.

Former Chief Art Manuel writes, “The court order is kind of a BC form of legitimate apartheid. It is clear that the Secwepemc peoples have legal and constitutional rights at Sun Peaks but they are being wilfully ignored by the federal and provincial governments and by Sun Peaks. The Canadian government has an outdated and internationally condemned Indian Aboriginal Title extinguishment policy.”

Despite attempts by the province and Sun peaks to use a divide and rule tactic by stating that those fighting Sun Peaks are a marginalized group without support of their Indian bands, Chief Nathan Mathews of the Shushwap Nation Tribal Council said that the “Shushwap Nation Tribal Council supports the right of the Secwepmc people to occupy, use and enjoy the land.”

Author of the best-selling book No Logo Naomi Klein recently visited the Secwepemc territories. She writes: “Let’s be clear about something: the massive expansion of the Sun Peaks Resort is an act of violence. The Secwepemc have never ceded this land, and their Elders have clearly said no to this development.”

Three hundred people converged on Sun Peaks Resort on Sunday August 29, 2004 to protest the Sun Peaks expansion.

Media Contacts:
Arthur Manuel, (250) 319-0688; Harsha Walia, No One is Illegal, (778) 885-0040; David Cunningham, Anti Poverty Committee, (604) 317-5346; Harjap Grewal, Land, Freedom and Decolonization Coalition, (778) 552-2099

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