Migrant Worker filmed by reality TV deported

Posted by admin on Mar 28th, 2013

Thursday, March 28th, 2013 | Indo Canadian Voice

Migrant worker Tulio Renan Aviles Hernandez was deported Wednesday night from Vancouver. Hernandez was one of the migrant workers detained by CBSA in an immigration enforcement raid in Vancouver
and filmed by the reality TV Border Security. He was deported by CBSA on Wed evening March 27 at 11 pm.

His wife, daughter and extended family went to the airport on Wednesday March 27th at 9 pm to attempt to see Hernandez, who was being kept in detention, prior to his deportation to Honduras. Diana
Thompson, Hernandez’s wife, fears for his life in Honduras. The couple was in the process of completing Hernandez’s sponsorship.

Diana Thompson, wife of one of those detained, says, “I feel frustrated and sad and angry and hurt. He was working, supporting his family back home and our family here, and now I don’t know when I will see him. Our family is going through such a tough situation. And on top of that we find out that our government is part of this horrible TV show. This is all unfair and disgusting and our family is being torn apart.”

Over 21,000 people have joined the family in signing a petition calling on Force Four Entertainment, National Geographic Channel and Canadian Border Services Agency to cancel the reality TV show “Border Security” immediately, and for the Canadian Border Services Agency to stop participating in this program and conducting violent deportations.

This petition has been supported by celebrities such as Naomi Klein and Sarah Polley.

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