Independent watchdog releases interim report

Posted by admin on Jun 17th, 2009

PDF available here.

The Authors are especially concerned that, to date, the following practices of VANOC and government partners have departed markedly from the commitments presented in the bid, including:
1 Pledging to increase bylaw infraction tickets given to the homeless in the 2008 and 2009 VPD business plans;
2 Installing hundreds of security cameras that may remain in place post- Olympics without public debate or discussion
3 Overstating threats to justify civil liberty violations against housing, environmental and anti-poverty protesters
4 A lack of consultation with inner-city residents
5 The access of homeless to essential services in restricted areas, in particular near Olympic venues such as GM Place
6 Lack of venue for complaints for the public against ISU members to ensure timely response
7 Lack of available due process for illegal evictions to make room for tourists
8 No funding for an independent watchdog group

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