Fundraising to Support Indigenous Land defenders

Posted by admin on Jul 9th, 2012

This August, the 3rd Annual Unis’tot’en Action Camp against propose and approved mining and pipeline projects will be held in Wet’suwet’en territory. The Lhe Lin Liyin, who are hosting the camp, have sent out an open invitation, including a special invitation to Indigenous land defenders to attend. Indigenous peoples are disproportionately impacted by industrial development with high rates of toxic waste, pollution and ill health in their communities, as well as systemic poverty through the encroachment into and destruction of their territories. Indigenous efforts stop this destructive path, for the future generations, for the biodiversity, and for solidarity will be strengthened by being able to share their histories, cultures, stories, and struggles across different communities and nations.

We believe we must proactively support members of communities affected by resource extraction to be able to attend this important camp and gathering. Yet, due to racist colonialism, these same communities are often the ones denied access to the resources that would enable them to attend. No One Is Illegal has received requests from a number of Indigenous communities who would like to attend and it would cost approximately $600 to send 1 car from Vancouver Island and $400 for a trip from the central interior. We have committed to raising these funds to cover the transportation costs for Indigenous land defenders, as well as those from low-income and migrant communities who would like to attend. These opportunities for relationship-building between grassroots communities are invaluable in developing a larger community of resistance to the corporate colonialist vision for this land. It is imperative that this resistance be based in people whose everyday experience bears witness to this destructive vision.

We are hoping to provide $2000 to support the action camp. However, because we are we are completely unfunded by foundations and government, we are only able to provide support by asking for donations from you.

If you are able to help please send cheques to:
No One Is Illegal
c/o 1592 East 2 Ave.
Vancouver, BC V5N 1C7
Coast Salish Territory

For more information:

On the 3rd Annual Unis’tot’en Action Camp

Invitation to Indigenous land/water defenders:


If you are need of gas money to travel to our gathering and self-identify
as Indigenous, low-income, racialized, please be in touch with No One Is
Illegal as we would like to prioritize diverse communities being able to
attend. Please call or send an email to Harsha by July 15th to or 778 885 0040 with your name, contact info,
nation/community, where you are traveling from, and how much gas money you

If you are traveling from Vancouver or Victoria, please visit this website
for travel information:

If you are unable to join the caravan but are interested in coordinating
rides with No One Is Illegal members on an earlier or later schedule
please email

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