Foreign workers in Calgary told to go home

Posted by admin on Mar 20th, 2009 3/20/2009
A dozen foreign workers, who were set up with jobs at several Calgary group homes by a recruiting agency, are facing deportation because they don’t have valid work permits. The workers, who are mostly from the Philippines and have health-care backgrounds, say Immigration Canada told them to return to their home countries voluntarily or they will be deported.

They were working in group homes for Calgary-based Advanced Rehabilitation and Community Services. One of the workers told CBC he was told the employer would take care of the paperwork and that he shouldn’t worry.

Both the employer and the recruiting agency said it was the other that was at fault for not ensuring the workers had the right permits.

One of the workers who must return home said a recruiter charged him $4,500 to come to Toronto, a practice that is illegal, but there was no job for him in the city when he arrived. He then found another recruiter that set him up with the job in Calgary.

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