Fighting Without Loosing Tenderness

Posted by admin on Jan 21st, 2006

Benefit in solidarity with the communities of CIPO-RFM in Oaxaca, Mexico.

On January 21st 2006, starting at 7pm and until our bodies hold up… Saint Michael’s Church, 409 East Broadway (across from Kingsgate Mall)

Let us join happiness with rebelliousness, tenderness with solidarity and celebration with struggle. There will be exhibitions of Capoeira and Indigenous dances from Oaxaca, film, crafts and photo exhibitions and lots of traditional Oaxacan food. And finally, dancing for all tastes. Join us in the support the Indigenous community projects of the Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca “Ricardo Flores Magon” (CIPO-RFM), as well as the legal defence of the political prisoners of our organization. We will be informing you about the current situation of the Indigenous movement, what is happening with the EZLN’s “other campaign”, the path of “delegate no one” (Subcomandante Marcos), and the refugee process of Raul Gatica – given that his IRB hearing will soon be taking place and he is asking for people to accompany him.

Let us make with our smile, a space of dignity,resistance and tenderness. For the reconstitution and free association of our communities. Many hands and one heart in the struggle

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