Community Supper and Discussion to Celebrate International Migrants Day

Posted by admin on Dec 8th, 2011

Community Supper and Discussion to Celebrate International Migrants Day

When: Monday Dec 19th
Where: GVBC, 1803 East 1st Avenue
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Organized by: Philippine Women’s Center, No One is Illegal, and Justicia for Migrant Workers


December 18th has been designated as a Global Day of Action Against Racism, And for the Rights of Migrants, Refugees and Displaced People to commemorate and celebrate the struggles of migrant workers around the world ( Join us in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories for a community supper and participatory discussion across communities to continue to organize, to resist and to build a strong and vibrant migrant justice movement to demand dignity, justice and status for all.

From ‘Oh Kanada’ to Migrante Country?

Under Minister of Immigration/Deportation Kenney, Harper, and the Conservatives:
– Family class immigration has dropped by 15%.
– Quotas for spouses and children have been reduced by 4,000 per year.
– There is currently a moratorium on sponsorships of parents and grandparents.
– The number of refugees granted permanent residence has dropped by 25%.
– Skilled worker visas have been decreased by 20%.
– The quota for live-in caregivers to become permanent residents has been slashed by almost 50%.

So who are all the migrants coming into Canada? The number of temporary foreign workers is up 30%. Temporary workers have no rights of residency and are recruited primarily as temporary indentured labour for big business. Temporary migrant workers are deemed essential to the countries’ economy because of their indentured and cheap labour yet they are wanted as workers only and not full participating members of our communities.

Kenney’s model is one of Permanent Impermanence. We cannot allow divisive stereotypes of migrants ‘stealing our jobs and resources’ to let the Harper government off the hook for putting profit over the people and the planet. On International Migrants Day, stand with us for migrant dignity and human rights and justice for all.

No to imperialist globalization!
No to permanent impermanence!
Transnational people unite!

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