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Posted by admin on Aug 30th, 2008

The 2010 Winter Olympics will take place on unceded indigenous land from February 12-28 2010. Far from being simply about ‘sport’, the history of the Olympics is one rooted in displacement, corporate greed, fascism, repression, and violence. Only the political and corporate elite – from real estate developers to security corporations – have anything to gain from the Olympics industry. The effects of the upcoming Winter Games have already manifested themselves- with the expansion of sport tourism and resource extraction on indigenous lands; increasing homelessness and gentrification of poor neighbourhoods; increasing privatization of public services; union busting through imposed contracts and exploitative conditions especially for migrant labour; the fortification of the national security apparatus; ballooning public spending and public debt; and unprecedented destruction of the environment.

The Olympics Resistance Network is primarily based in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories and exists as a space to coordinate anti-2010 Olympics efforts. In doing so, we act in solidarity with other communities across ‘BC’ – particularly indigenous communities who have been defending their land against the onslaught of the Olympics since the bid itself. Our organizing is largely being done under the slogan of “No Olympics on Stolen Native Land”, while creating an opportunity for all anti capitalist, indigenous, anti poverty, labour, migrant justice, environmental justice, anti war, and anti colonial activists to come together to confront this two-week circus and the oppression it represents.

In addition to building ongoing educational and resistance efforts, we are organizing towards an anti-2010 convergence, currently called for between Feb 10th-15th. Building on the call by native warriors – particularly at the Indigenous Peoples Gathering in Senora, Mexico in October 2007 – we will be working to coordinate the logistics to host all rebels converging on Vancouver, Whistler, and surrounding unceded native land during Feb 2010. Over the next year, there will be more information provided regarding the convergence, however in the meantime we encourage as many communities to fundraise, raise awareness, and organize towards the anti-2010 Olympics convergence. We hope to see you all in 2010 to demonstrate our indignation and resistance!


While we encourage people to continue their mobilizing and daily efforts rooted in their own local communities and local struggles, in the lead-up to the 2010 Games there will be several significant opportunities for coordinated and developed campaigns and actions (see section below “Be in Touch” to coordinate efforts).

One such opportunity is the Nov 2009 – Feb 2010 Torch Relay “A Path of Northern Lights” across 100 cities. This Torch Relay will be the longest in-country relay in Olympic history- giving us the chance to make some anti-Olympic history! The relay route will be announced in the fall of 2008.

Another upcoming opportunity is the Spirit Train, being launched on Sept. 21, 2008 by Canadian Pacific Railway (which has historically and currently played a critical role in the colonization and usurpation of indigenous lands) and VANOC (Vancouver Organizing Committee for 2010). We are calling for and encouraging protests and actions to disrupt the ‘Spirit Train’ as it stop across cities across Canada.

* Scheduled route and days (Check: for official updates):

Sept. 21, Port Moody, BC. 2-8 pm. West Coast Express Station, 65 Williams St.
Sept. 27, Calgary, Alberta. 2:00pm – 8:00pm Pop Davies Park (Ogden Rd. and Millican Rd. S.)
Sept. 29, Edmonton, Alberta. 1:00pm – 8:00pm WP Wagner School (6310 Wagner Rd NW)
Oct. 2, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 1:00pm – 8:00pm William Reid Park Pendygrasse Rd.
Oct. 4, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 2:00pm – 8:00pm Sinclair Park Community Centre 490 Sinclair St.
Oct. 8, Thunder Bay, Ontario. 1:00pm – 8:00pm Marina Park
October 11, Sudbury, Ontario. 2:00pm – 8:00pm Energy Court, next to National Grocery on Lorne St.
Oct. 13, Toronto, Ontario. 1:00pm – 8:00pm Cooksville GO Transit Station 3210 Hurontario St.
Oct. 16, Smiths Falls, Ontario. 1:00pm – 8:00pm CP lot on Rideau Ave N and Ella St
Oct. 18, Montreal, Quebec. 1:00pm – 8:00pm Place des Vestiges on the Quays of the Old Port, across from Jacques-Cartier Pier


If you are interested in hosting an Anti-Olympics educational such as a film screening or panel with speakers, please contact us if you require support. We are able to provide educational materials, suggestions for speakers from diverse experiences, as well as resistance art, posters, comics, buttons, stickers and more! In particular if you are located along the West Coast and your group of friends, affinity group, youth group, organization, campus, union local, or community centre is interested in learning about the history of the Olympics, the impacts of the Olympics, and Olympics resistance efforts please contact us!

===> BE IN TOUCH! <===

We are working on compiling contacts throughout Turtle Island in an effort to broaden our networks, disseminate information as well as updates, and to connect with as many communities as possible.

* Interested in actively organizing or coordinating anti-2010 Olympics resistance efforts, for example anti-Spirit Train actions? Please send us an email at with your location and affiliation and specify that you would like to be added to the cross-continental network list to coordinate anti-Olympics efforts and communications.

* Interested in regular announcements including news of interest and events? Please email us at and specify that you would like to be added to the ORN-announce list, a low traffic moderated list for weekly public announcements and updates.


– Please note: New website, phone, address will be forthcoming

* The Olympics Resistance Network Basis of Unity:

Anti Olympics organizing through the Olympic Resistance Network is largely being done under the primary slogan and understanding of “No Olympics on Stolen Native Land”, although this is an opportunity for a large convergence of groups, issues, and sectors to come together. We look forward to working together across our diverse experiences and movements, while sharing a common understanding including an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist analysis; respect for diversity of tactics and strategies; an anti-oppression understanding and solidarity with those most directly affected; and organizational philosophy based on decentralization and autonomy within a coordinated and accountable structure. It is open to both delegates from groups as well as individuals interested in building anti-Olympics resistance by providing a space for existing groups to better share and coordinate their efforts as well as a space for this Network itself to take on its own activities including actions, educational efforts, creative resistance, awareness raising etc.

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