Arson Against Six Nations Reclamation Site

Posted by admin on Nov 7th, 2007

CALEDONIA November 7, 2007 Community Friends spokesperson Jan Watson condemned the arson attack which destroyed the gate house at Kanonhstaton and a painting donated to the reclamation site by Six Nations artist Arnold Jacobs on Monday, November 5. Despite the best efforts of Watson and the Community Friends group, attempts to secure statements condemning the arson have been rejected by elected at all levels of government. The mayors office has refused to return phone calls, while Toby Barrett MPP has refused to make a statement altogether. Councillor Craig Grice similarly refused to make make such a statement unless the band council and confederacy would make the statement with him.

Watson said the stalled negotiations over Six Nations land claims had increased tension in the area. “As politicians failed to negotiate in good faith with the people of Six Nations, extreme elements on the Caledonia side are taking violent action. We need to give our best efforts to quickly and fairly resolve Six Nations land rights issues, so that all of our communities can move forward in a spirit of peace and understanding,” she

The Six Nations community has scheduled a “building bee” event on Saturday November 9 and Sunday November 10 starting at 10:00am. Volunteers and donations of lumber and building materials are needed. A pot luck will also be held. Members of the Community Friends group will be attending in a show of support for the people of Six Nations.

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