3rd Meeting on Anti-Racist Organizing

Posted by admin on Dec 1st, 2007

Sunday December 9 from 5-7 pm. Lore Krill Co-op. 65 West Cordova (corner, just east of Cambie). Snacks served. Childcare on-site. Wheelchair accessible.

Given a clear and keen interest to continue meeting and in continuing to work together on building and organizing a more effective and visible anti-racist movement, we are organizing our third meeting on racism and anti-racist organizing.

To date, there have been two community forums and discussions on racism, racial violence, systemic racism, and anti-racism. Over 100 people total have participated in both community meetings. Several community groups have given presentations and updates on current struggles against racism, others have offered historical perspectives on anti-racist organizing, while other individuals have shared personal experiences of racism.

A majority of those in attendance were interested in continuing to work together on building and organizing a more effective and visible anti-racist movement, particularly one connected to understanding and fighting racial violence, giving voice to experiences of racism, as well as resisting structural racism as it manifests itself through colonization of indigenous lands, anti-immigrant measures, militarization and occupation globally, and capitalist neoliberal economic policies.

In addition, we hope to have more critical conversations on understanding and analyzing racism, what anti-racist movements and ally work looks like, facilitating organizing of and active solidarity between individuals/communities of colour, as well as dialogue between individuals and communities on our diverse and nuanced experiences of racism.

Several concrete ideas were also proposed in these meeting: including a radical anti-racist day of action in March 2008, documenting incidents of racism and racial violence in order to break isolation and silence, ideas for popular education including alternative anti-racist educational program development, an Indigenous/People of Colour Grassroots Coalition
and more.

We hope you will join us. For more information contact van.antiracism.forum at gmail.com or call 604 418 0279

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