Greek Government’s proposal accepted; Hunger strike over

Posted by admin on Mar 9th, 2011

By Apostolos Papapostolou, The Greek Reporter, Mar. 9 2011

About 250 immigrants in Greece ended their six-week hunger strike Wednesday after reaching a compromise with the government to delay deportation proceedings against them, supporters of the protest said. In their announcement, they declare this outcome a “huge victory” and thank Greece, their doctors, and the Solidarity Committee.

The hunger-strikers unanimously accepted the government’s offer of an extended “state of tolerance” that can be renewed every six months, and gives them the right to work in Greece and travel to and from their countries without facing deportation.

Additionally, the necessary staying period before an immigrant can apply for legalization is lowered from 12 to eight years.

Protesters, many camped out in tents for weeks outside a building in central Athens where the hunger strikers were housed, broke out in celebration after the decision was announced.

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