3rd Annual Unis’tot’en Action Camp

Posted by admin on Jun 23rd, 2012

1. Information on the 3rd Annual Unis’tot’en Action Camp
2. Special Invitation to Indigenous Land Defenders
3. Travel Information from Vancouver and Victoria

The 3rd Annual Unis’tot’en Action Camp will see a lot of activities around building solidarity and campaign and action planning for communities who will stop the proposed and approved pipelines and mining projects that are unwelcome in the north of Unceded Occupied so called bc and canada.

The camp dates are August 6 – 10, 2012. The camp location is at 66km on the Morice River West FSR and is at the shore of the Wedzin Kwah and mouth of the Gosnell Creek. These are all tributary to the the Skeena, Bulkley, and Babine Rivers. The proposed pipelines from Northern Gateway, Kitimat Summit Lake Looping Project, and the Pembina and Kinder Morgan Pipelines seek to cross the rivers at the exact point where the resistance camp is built in Unis’tot’en Territory of Talbits Kwah.

The Lhe Lin Liyin, along with other strong uncompromising allies will stop this destructive path, for the future generations, for the biodiversity, and for solidarity with our neighbours living amidst the heavy impacts in the Tar Sands Affected areas in Northern Alberta, and regions heavily affected by Fracking Natural Gas and Shale Oil, as well as communities impacted by Refineries, Pipelines, and Fuel Terminals and Port Expansions.

For more information on the camp please telephone Freda Huson at 250 847 8897 and email at fhuson@gmail.com.
Website: http://unistotencamp.wordpress.com/

Invitation to Indigenous land defenders for the 3rd Annual Unis’tot’en Action Camp

We would like to extend a special invite to our sisters and brothers from other Indigenous nations to Wet’suwet’en territory for the 3rd Annual Unis’tot’en Action Camp. The 3rd Annual Unis’tot’en Action Camp will see a lot of activities around building solidarity and planning for communities who will stop pipelines and mining projects that are unwelcome on our unceded territories.

The camp dates are August 6 – 10, 2012 and we would like to invite other Indigenous land defenders to attend the camp. Our resistance will be stronger when we share our histories, cultures, stories, and struggles across different communities and nations. Our communities and nations are at the forefront of land defense against resource extraction, oil and gas development, mining projects, and corporate land theft. These colonial developments have had a devastating impact on our water, salmon, food base, spiritual sites, cultural well-being, traditional livelihoods, children and future generations. Indigenous Peoples are disproportionately impacted by industrial development with high rates of toxic waste, pollution and ill health in our communities, as well as systemic poverty through the encroachment into and destruction of our territories. But we have been resisting since time immemorial and by uniting our resistance, we are stronger.

Details for the camp can be found at:
For more information on the camp please telephone Freda Huson at 250 847 8897 and email at fhuson@gmail.com.

If you are need of gas money to travel to our gathering, please contact our allies at No One Is Illegal who want to prioritize Indigenous peoples and communities being able to attend the Unis’tot’en Action Camp and are raising funds. Please call or send an email to Harsha by July 15th to harsha@resist.ca or 778 885 0040 with your name, contact info, nation/community, where you are traveling from, how many in your vehicle(s), and how much gas money you need. They will do their best to raise the funds, the sooner you contact them, the better.

Thank you for your interest in the 3rd Annual Unis’tot’en Action Camp and we hope to see you here.
– Lhe Lin Liyin

Caravan to Wet’suwet’en

From Forest Action Network: http://forestaction.wikidot.com/caravan

Call to action: Indigenous people are asking for solidarity to stop the bulldozing of the Enbridge pipeline right-of-way in Northern BC. This summer, Pacific Trails Pipeline company is set to begin clearing hundreds of kilometers of forests, streams, and wetlands for its gas pipeline on the same route that Enbridge (and others) plan to follow. Clans in the Wet’suwet’en First Nation say NO. They are calling for support at Unis’tot’en Camp in the path of the pipelines.

Answer the call. Join us for the caravan starting August 4 from Vancouver & Victoria to the Morice River, Northern BC. Witness a traditional wedding, participate in workshops on action and traditional skills, enjoy evenings around the campfire with new friends. The caravan returns to the city August 13.

Important Questions & Answers:

What are the dates? The camp is August 6-10. We’re caravaning from Victoria and Vancouver starting August 4, and leaving from the camp for the return trip August 11, arriving back in the city by August 13.

Where is it? Unis’tot’en Camp is on the Morice River, near Smithers BC. We will create campsites, a bush kitchen, wash stations, and pit toilets. Volunteers will provide communal breakfast and dinner. Everyone will be asked to volunteer.

Is this camp hosted by indigenous leaders? Yes, hereditary chiefs of the Likhts’amisyu and Unis’tot’en (C’ihlts’ehkhyu) Clans will meet us at the entrance to the camp. They will ask us who we are and what we have to assist them in defending their land.

Can I stay longer? Yes, folks can make their own arrangements for return.

What should I bring? Bring your own camping gear, waterproof tent or tarp, sleeping bag, warm clothes, rain gear, hiking shoes, water bottles, snacks, personal medicines, your cup, bowl and spoon, and donations. Don’t bring: dogs (other than registered assistance dogs), drugs, alcohol, or weapons.

How much does it cost? We’re asking for a sliding-scale donation. Suggested donation is $60 per person for food, transportation, camping, and a contribution to our hosts.

Will there be civil disobedience? We don’t know. If so, people should be prepared and have a choice whether to participate.

What if I don’t have camping gear? Let us know beforehand, so we can bring enough extras.

Why can’t I bring my dog? Dogs chase wildlife and livestock, spread parvo and other diseases, and cause problems for non-dog owners. Please leave your dog with a friend, roommate, family member, or kennel. They will not be allowed on the bus.

How do I contact Forest Action Network privately? Email clearcuts@hushmail.com (secured with PGP).

Camp participants agree to abide by this safe space policy: Volunteers, indigenous people, our hosts, and members of the public must be treated with respect at all times by participants. The camp is a safe environment for people of all races, genders, orientations, national origins, classes, and abilities. Forest Action Network enforces zero tolerance for abuse and harassment of any kind. Drugs, alcohol, weapons, and nudity are not permitted at the camp.

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