Workers Control not Border Controls: Celebrating 125 Years of May Day

Posted by admin on Apr 14th, 2011

Saturday April 30th, 7pm. Rhizome Café, 317 East Broadway. Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories

with Speakers, Performers and Singing Contest! Free Admission! Prize for best performance of “The Internationale” sung in your language so bring your friends and your singing voices for the singing contest.

Join us on the 125th anniversary of May Day, as we stand with workers around the world in celebrating the militant tradition of May 1 as a day to oppose the exploitation of workers. We are inspired by the current global uprisings of the revolutionary people of Africa and the Middle East as they demand better living conditions and fight against authoritarian regimes. We stand with the people of Greece, Wisconsin, Mexico, India, London, Iran, and elsewhere rising up in resistance to cuts in wages and social services in the name of austerity and the capitalist neoliberal agenda. We honour the labour of those who tend to our communities, our children, and to the land every day. We continue the courageous struggle of immigrant and migrant workers across North America against increasingly repressive and racist immigration controls, as we join together to assert our dignity and affirm international solidarity.

Accessibility information: The space is child friendly. Bus tickets will be available. While the main space is wheelchair accessible throughout, the washrooms are on the same level and only semi-accessible. There are two gender neutral washrooms, and the larger of the two may accommodate some but not all folks who use electric or manual wheelchairs; the door swings inward, there is minimal clearance once inside, and there is little space between the toilet and the sink to transfer.

Organized by No One Is Illegal-Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories and Rhizome Café. For more information email or call 778-322-5349.

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