Video Compilation: Why Oppose the Olympics

Posted by admin on Dec 16th, 2009

1)  2010 Olympic Impacts in Vancouver – Update
2)  Why Resist 2010
3)  Native Youth Movement: No 2010 Winter Olympics on Native Land
4) Native 2010 Resistance Statement
5)  NOII Anti-Olympics Speakers Corner
6)  Five Ring Circus documentary online!
7)  Real News Network on 2010 Controversies
8)  Olympic Torch Relay from Indigenous Traditional Perspective
9)  Sutikalh Camp set up to stop ski and recreation resort
10)  DTES Womens Housing March
11) Alaina Tom of Statimc Native Youth Movement
12) Helen Lenskyj and Gord Hill on the Olympics industry.
13) Chris Shaw, Garth Mullins, and Harsha Walia on myths and realities.
14) Carol Martin on impacts in the Downtown Eastside.
15) Amy Goodman detained about Olympics, Marla Renn detained.
16) Olympic security and repression with David Eby, Harsha Walia, Alissa Westergard-Thorpe, Matt Hern, Jeff Derksen, and David Dennis

For videos on Olympic resistance, visit and

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