Through the Wire: 2007 video about Woomera detention centre breakout

Posted by admin on Mar 6th, 2011

Put a thousand activists at the gates of Australia’s most notorious refugee detention centre and leave the cops in the pub then things are bound to happen, but no one expected the fences to come down so easily.

“..High adrenaline…Supercharged.” – New York Times

“A nonstop, frenzied verite account of the assault on Australia Woomera detention facility on Good Friday 2002, by 1000 Australia activists.” –

“Three documentaries were show-stoppers at HRWFF… One is Pip Starr’s Through the WIre, set outside an Australian refugee camp. Starr’s incredible footage of activists freeing inmates from behind fences and razor wire is a testament to organized resistance, to the sheer physical power of people to raze tangible barriers to freedom.” – Film Journal International

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