Somali refugee takes direct action against IRB

Posted by admin on Aug 1st, 2006

In a “Surprise Action” members of Solidarity Across Borders supported Farah Kulmiyeh Abdil, a Somali refugee, who took direct action against the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) on Wednesday, 12 June. Farah chained himself inside Complexe Guy-Favreaux, IRB headquarters.

Click here to view photos of the action

Farah Kulmiyeh Abdil fled the war in Somalia in 1990 to claim refugee status in Canada. His permanent residence was revoked in 1992 due to a criminal record for which he has already served jail time. Since there is a moratorium on deportations to Somalia, his deportation has been blocked and he has been living in legal limbo ever since. Living without status and without the right to access education or work, he has been forced to
the margins of society to live in constant fear and anxiety, without legal or social recognition. Farah, who is HIV positive, would be deprived of treatment by being deported to Somalia. His pending deportation is a death sentence!

Thousands of immigrants and refugees find themselves awaiting deportation and refused status by an immigration system that creates an underclass, deprived of all rights, to be exploited! As the war in Somalia intensifies, so does the war on immigrants and refugees! Devastated by fourteen years of civil war, Farah shares the feelings of persecution that
his community feels. Driven to desperation, he took action on 12 June in solidarity with his people and all immigrants and refugees as part of a struggle for self-determination.

We refuse to be invisible! We refuse to live in fear! We demand an end to all deportations! We demand STATUS FOR ALL! No One is Illegal!

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