Secwepemc Sacred Water Declaration

Posted by admin on Feb 19th, 2013

Sacred Water Declaration

We are Speaking on behalf of our Nation and future generations, our relations, all entities, land, water, animals and plants, when we declare that our Water and Salmon are Sacred.

As Secwepemc, we are collectively responsible to take care of our land and water, to uphold all of our responsibilities and follow our Natural Laws, as was passed down to us from Tqelt Kukpi7 and our ancestors.
Therefore, we will not, under any condition, compromise the health of our water and our future generations.

We unanimously agree that all mining is detrimental to the health of our Nations’ water.

The proposed Ruddock Creek project, as well as the other proposed and existing mining projects in Secwepemculecw, unsurrendered, unceded Secwepemc Territory, is a violation against our existing Secwepemc and Natural Laws, in that our Water, Sacred Headwaters and birthing waters is at risk of being destroyed forever.

We deny Canada, the province of British Columbia, corporations, or any Native bands have the right to make any decisions on our land and water, as it is our collective responsibility as a Nation.

Therefore, we will not under any condition, support or take part in signing agreements, joint-revenue sharing and any other documents, that compromise our responsibility.

As Secwepemc, we will not accept any monies or incentives from these mining corporations wanting to mine within our Secwepeculecw boundaries.

Declared at Neskonlith February 8, 2013 by Secwepemc


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