Secwepemc Blockade to Protect Ancestral Burial Site from CN Rail Expansion

Posted by admin on Apr 2nd, 2009

APTN video:

The roadblock set for April 1st, has been halted due to the spiritual protocol and through direction of the Spiritual Advisors. Action will commence when ceremony is closed. Today is the eleventh day since the remains have have been unearthed. Archeologists have uncovered an older Secwepemc female in a fetal position holding a root digging stick. The sacred fire has been lit for eleven days. Reburial was announced for Friday, and the message will be delivered by the people on the actions to follow. Since CP Rail has begun expanding the railway lines, hundreds of artifacts have been uncovered. Stop all expansion and further development, in respect to the Ancestors, and our traditional way of life.

On Thursday April 2nd, the warrior staff will be run from Adams Lake reserve to the ancient burial site. This staff was run from Alkali lake to Panama by a young Secwepemc woman five years ago. Gather at the bridge at 3:00 pm, to carry the prayers to the site of the remains.



CP Rail and Trans Canada Highway expansion desecrates our Secwepemc burial sites

When: Wednesday, April 1, 2009 10:30 am

What: Secwepemc Peoples and their allies will be conducting a roadblock to demand the halt of the Trans Canada Highwayand Canadian Pacific Railway expansion.

Where: unceded Secwepemc Territory, in between Kamloops and Chase, BC, near Pritchard, BC (about 3 km from Pritchard)

Demands: To halt the expansion of the Trans Canada Highway and CP Railway along this highway corridor bordering the South Thompson River and Shuswap Lake because this is the home to thousands of ancient
burial and village sites that must be protected. Secwpemc ancestral remains of a Secwepemc woman (dated back 7,500 years) were found by a team of archaeologist at a site that is being threatened by CP Rail and Trans Canada Highway expansion.

On Wednesday, March 25, 2009 a meeting was held at Neskonlith Hall.  On Sunday March 29, 2009 it was determined the remains were going to be placed back where they were found.  A ceremony at the site was done and the Sacred fire has been lit and the protection of the site is under vigilance.

This is one of thousands of remains and artefacts that have been found by settlers and archeologists along this highway and railway corridor and valley, where Secwepemc Peoples have never given authority or permission to the Canadiain and BC government to build the highway or railway, both in the extinguishment of Secwepemc lands and title.

Instead Secwepemc Peoples choose to assert Secwepemc title and rights to the land and challenge the governments’ authority over the land and resources while working on many international levels to bring attention to this.

This site lies within unceded, unsurrendered Secwepemc Territory, where the Secwepemc Peoples of the Shuswap Lakes refuse to enter into the current BC Treaty Process for a land settlement because of the fraudulent past and present.  The desecration must stop.  Protection of the sacred burial sites is the priority here.

“We will never go dig up the cemeteries in the village of Chase or Kamloops, it would be considered a hate crime against humanity.  We expect the same respect.”

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