Picket Home Depot- Oppose the SPP!

Posted by admin on Jun 30th, 2007

PICKET HOME DEPOT on SUNDAY JULY 1 from 10:30 – noon @ 900 Terminal Avenue


==> Contact Home Depot and tell them you oppose Home Depot’s participation in the NACC as advisors to the SPP. Advise them that you are considering/ will not be shopping at Home Depot unless they publicly announce that they will not participate in the NACC.

1) Talk to a Home Depot Supervisor at 1(800) 628-0525
2) Send a letter directly to Annette Verschuren, President, Home Depot Canada, 426 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, M1R 4E7. To contact her directly, call 416-609-0852 and follow the prompts to get to her office.

==> Tell your friends and family about the SPP.

==> Contact us to find out more information or to get involved: noii-van at resist.ca or call 778-552-2099

Home Depot is a member of the Harper-appointed, CEO-group North American Competitiveness Council (NACC), the only advisory group to the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement of North America. The SPP is a NAFTA-plus-Homeland-Security model that has been negotiated in complete secrecy by Harper, Bush, and Calderon and their corporate supporters. A September 13, 2006 story in Maclean’s magazine describes NACC as a “cherrypicked group of executives who were whisked to Cancun in March by
the leaders of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, and asked to come up with a plan for taking North American integration beyond NAFTA.” The writer quotes Annette Verschuren, president of Home Depot Canada, who called the Cancun meeting “a lot of fun [because] there were no reporters.”

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