Ottawa has until Friday to act on Abdelrazik case: Lawyers

Posted by admin on Jun 16th, 2009


MONTREAL — Lawyers for a Montreal man stranded in Sudan say Ottawa has until Friday to act on his case or face possible contempt of court charges. Abousfian Abdelrazik is still living in the lobby of the Canadian Embassy in Khartoum even though he had a plane ticket to return to Canada last Friday. A Federal Court justice ruled on June 4 the government breached Abdelrazik’s constitutional rights by not giving him an emergency passport to fly home.

His lawyer, Audrey Brousseau, says Ottawa has until this Friday to issue the travel documents in compliance with the ruling and until July 4 to bring him back.

Alternatively, the government could file a motion to stay the proceedings pending an application to appeal the Federal Court decision.

Brousseau says the government could face contempt of court charges if it does not file such a motion or agree by Friday to issue the travel documents.

This is the second time in recent months Abdelrazik has missed a flight purchased by his supporters.

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