NOII Reportback: Hundreds March Against Racism

Posted by admin on Mar 22nd, 2012

Thank you to the 600+ people who participated and supported the March Against Racism. No One Is Illegal is honoured to be part of such a vibrant and powerful community of resistance. Included below are some videos, photos, and articles from the rally, we encourage you to please email, post, and share them in your networks.


* NOII video by Steph:

* CBC Video (3500+ views) Hundreds March Against Racism:

* Devin’s HD video:

* Kenan’s 3-part video documenting most of the speakers & performers:

* Juno-nominated gospel choir Sojourners:


* View NOII flickr set here:

* Also these sets:


* Metro News – Hundreds march to end racism. Most read online story through the week. Read here.

* “We Need to Fight Back!”: Community March Against Racism takes to Vancouver streets. Read VMC piece here

* News 1130 – Hundreds crowd Vancouver street calling for an end to racism. Read here

* Speech by Richard Marquez:

“Big ups” to No One Is Illegal and to the groups that organized this march. And a huge shout out and much love to First Nations brothers and sisters who continue to lead the resistance against empire building in Canada and throughout the Americas. Back home in the US, the belly of the beast, a 50% growth in hate groups is booming as fascist fervor sweeps the country, blaming immigrants for the depressed economy.

Here, racist predators from Ottawa to Commercial Drive assault the civil rights of communities of colour, exploit immigrant labour, and promote repressive, anti-refugee legislation like Omnibus Bill C-31, which will deport thousands of immigrants, children and families.

This fight has no borders; this fight demands a new sanctuary movement to stop immigrant deportations. Aqui estamos y nos vamos! (We are here and we’re not leaving!) Some believe if progressives are elected, they’ll stop this madness. But we got to build a racial justice movement from the ground up. We can’t rely on the cops, courts and the legislatures.

With that said, please join me in pledging the following : “I pledge. To fight. All racist and anti-immigrant attacks in Vancouver and Canada. And I will do so. By any means necessary!”

Today we march but Nazi vigilantees are out of jail. Why did the Crown grant bail? It took nearly 3 damn years under a veil of secrecy, usually reserved for diplomats, to indict them. From the start, in fact, the BC Hate Crime Team, which includes the VPD, the RCMP and the Crown Prosecutor, treated this matter like it was “malicious mischief” — not crimes motivated by racist hate. We must defend those brothers and sisters that were brutally attacked.

In 2007, Mexican-American teenager David Ritcheson was the victim of a brutal racist beating in Houston, Texas by white attackers who broke his jaw, burnt cigarettes on his face, and attempted to carve a swastika on his chest, and then they sodomized him with an umbrella. If not for the Chicano people’s outrage, those vigilantes would have gone free and not been sentenced to life. Three years ago, David committed suicide.

Many say Vancouver is different; the greenest city of all. Bike lanes and liberal tolerance. But its one of the meanest cities to live in if you’re poor and of colour; or an SRO tenant fighting gentrification on East Hastings and Main.

And what about the BC’s “poverty-to-prison pipeline” and the criminalization of an entire generation of young people? Hell, last month a young homeless man at Pigeon Park was detained for vending without a licence. We must rely on the people’s strength to defeat white supremacy, to stop all racist and anti-immigrant attacks. We must come together like five fingers on a fist and hold court in the streets!

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