NOII and NWT Displacement & Migration Storytelling Project

Posted by admin on May 16th, 2008

The Displacement & Migration Storytelling Project is part of an exciting year-long collaboration between No One is Illegal and neworldtheatre, through which we hope to jointly contribute to bridging the gap between art and activism by developing tools of artistic resistance that are less individualistic and professionalized, and more deeply rooted in community social movements.

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No One is Illegal-Vancouver is a grassroots anti-colonial migrant justice group taking action on combating racism, colonialism, deportations, detentions, wage-slave conditions, and security measures in the context of the so-called “War on Terrorism.”

neworldtheatre is a Vancouver-based theatre company which creates, develops, produces and tours politically and culturally charged plays that investigate intersections between communities and peoples.

Drawing from NOII’s ongoing work, the Displacement & Migration Storytelling Project aims to create the space for participants to explore and bring their stories of displacement and migration creatively into the community. This project draws upon the deeply rooted and central role of culture, creative expression, and storytelling as key components of resistance movements by providing a connection between personal narratives and global understandings.

The project will consist of three major elements:

1) 8, 3-hour Weekly Workshops, during which participants will explore lived experiences, develop theatrical skills, and create one (or more) stories based on their experiences. Weekly workshops will run every Tuesday starting May 27th. The workshops will be co-facilitated by Marcus Yussef, Co-Artistic Producer of neworldtheatre, and Carmen Aguirre a Vancouver-based theatre artist, playwright and educator who has worked extensively in North and South America.

2) A minimum of 4 participant-driven performances that will be brought into the community, showcasing the stories that participants have developed. The first performance will happen the weekend of July 18th.

3) A minimum of 4, 3-hour Organizing Meetings dedicated to community outreach and performance planning. These meetings will happen separate from the Weekly Workshops. These meetings will be held every second Sunday starting June 1st.


The goals of the project are to:
– Share experiences
– Empower people to tell their stories
– Develop basic theatre and performance skills
– Provide a space that bridges the gap between art and activism by developing tools of creative resistance that are less individualistic and professionalized and more deeply rooted in community
– Engage in a participant-driven and collective process
– Culminate with a minimum of 4 Community Performances
– Establish dialogue and community building around shared but unique experiences
– Provide the space to build connections between individual lived experiences and broader systemic forces at play including how racism, colonization, and the structuring of the global political economy exacerbate the process of displacement and migration


– In appreciation of the work, time, and effort this Project requires, participants will receive $200 total each as an honorarium. Bus tickets, childcare subsidies, and dinner will be provided at each workshop.

– No prior experience is necessary at all! This is a learning process!

– This project is open to People of Colour only. People of Colour is defined here as those who self-identify as having a lived experience of racism personally/in their community and include those of African/Black, Latina/Hispanic, Asian, First Nations/ Indigenous, South Asian, Arab/Persian/Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, Biracial/Multiracial background

– To reiterate this project focuses on a broad understanding of displacement and migration which is inclusive of experiences of displacement that have affected Indigenous/black/racialized communities, both historically and on an ongoing basis.

– Participants will be expected to attend and participate during in all 3 aspects of the program as outlined above (Weekly Workshops, Organizing Meetings, and Community Performances). As this is a cumulative process with the aim of bringing what is created into the community in a series of participant-driven performances and/or presentations, please ensure that you are able to make a decision about your commitment beforehand.

– This project will require that participants be willing to explore and engage their personal, familial, or communities’ experiences around displacement both within and/or across borders. For example, displacement/migration due to the need to escape unsafe situations, oppression, marginalized identities, colonization, racism, war and occupation, poverty etc.

– All participants must have a basic understanding and acceptance of the principles that guide No One Is Illegal’s work such as anti-oppression principles, anti-colonial and anti-capitalist values, autonomy from government and corporate bodies, and non-hierarchical and collaborative working environments.

– While the workshops will take place in English, there will be lots of room for participants to work in languages other than English throughout the process. There is also room for translators to be present, however these will have to be arranged by participants who may desire a translator with them.


Unfortunately participation is limited to 10 people due to resource constraints. In order to be considered for participation, please write or provide a verbal response to the following questions (1-2 sentences are sufficient):

1) Why do you want to be a part of this project?
2) Have you had similar opportunities in the past? If not what obstacles have prevented you from participating in similar projects
3)What identities shape your experience of the world?
4) What communities do you connect to and in what ways?
5) How do you see this project fitting into other community-based work you might be involved in?
6) Are you are available:
a) every Tuesday from May 27th – July 15th for the workshops?
b) every second Wednesday starting June 1st for Organizing Meetings?
c) July 18th for the first Community Performance?
d) to commit to participating in a minimum of 3 other Community Performances from July – September 2008.
7) Is there anything you want us to know that might affect your participation?

*** To arrange to submit your responses over the phone or in person please contact Alex at 604.727.7838 NO LATER THAN May 15th.

*** Responses being submitted by email can be sent to NO LATER THAN Saturday May 17th. People selected to participate in the project will be contacted by May 23rd.

*** Selection will be based on the goal of creating a multiracial, multiethnic, intergenerational group, that includes gender and queer balance.


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